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  1. solid/competitive offer for new grad. did you end up taking it?
  2. found this shirt hilarious :) http://teespring.com/911narcan
  3. relax, take a vacation, no studying before PA school please :)
  4. pretty sure the photo was just taken in jest. anyhow, i was a male minority in my class, but wouldn't have changed it for the world. had a blast and made great friends. just thought the photo was funny :)
  5. @REMPAC thanks so much for the response and heads up. i'm trying to apply for a transplant position at the columbia site. what type of work are you doing there? you like it?
  6. curious if any of you who work at new york presbyterian can chime in on how you like it there, and a bit about the interview process. have a screening phone interview coming up and thought i'd see if any forum members can give me some of insight :) cheers!
  7. better get used to it. that's how it is in the working world. having a thick skin is a prerequisite to being a PA or NP :)
  8. QFT if too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true
  9. IMHO, if i were to do that it would be misleading...PhD's who graduated from my 'college of medicine' never say they went to 'medical school'. when someone says they went to medical school, there is an implicit thought that the person is a physician. you're right that technically you are telling the truth, but i just don't think that's good for patients or others when describing the profession. in the same way, i don't like it when doctorate nurse practitioners refer to themselves as 'doctor' in clinical settings. sure, they are telling the truth, but due to the connotation of the word doc
  10. ^^ this. i agree. from a GI perspective, helps when we get consulted and the CT is already performed with contrast. sucks if it's not appendicitis, and then we're called to see the patient and then stuck with a CT without contrast which is useless a lot of times
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