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  1. Hey, Just curious where you did your undergraduate degree at? I'm an Idaho native and went out of state to a private institution and took summer courses at BSU and noticed a HUGE difference in teaching capabilities and quality of education between my primary university. ISU in general is not known as a high level of education value across the state, but is the only "healthcare" related state school. We all know people are flocking to the Idaho region, making the PA program there that much more competitive. I'm about to start a program this fall with the intent of moving back to Bo
  2. Just wondering how long it took upon being verified in CASPA till your supplemental request was sent?
  3. Anyone know if Is there a supplemental application required?
  4. I too am from a similar boat, can you share what schools look at apps holistically and if you've had any success in your application process? Thanks and good luck!
  5. Hey sparkes,

    I have similar stats/gpa as you and am applying to pa school, I was wondering if you were able to get in the third time around (and where) and if you could give any tips. I have a 3.0 gpa and don't really want to wait/pay to retake courses... Any advice?

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