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  1. Hello all, I have recently accepted a per diem/ PRN job to work for one specialty clinic . I currently have a full time job and my schedule allows me to work a PRN job. Not sure if there are specific paperwork that is required for the PRN job? I will be working with a physician who will be present in clinic at least 80% of the time. They will add me to their malpractice insurance. Aside from letting the medical board of my new physician, are there other documents that need to be completed prior to starting? Examples: - Medicaid Provider enrollment form (Since the clinic sees medicaid patients) - Collaborative agreement/Prescriptive authority agreement - Credentialing (The physician at the specialty clinic states no credentialing is needed since he will be present in clinic majority of the time and there's no hospital rounds needed). Is that true? Thank you guys, this is my first PRN job and I just want to make sure I have filled out all the required documentation.
  2. According to the website, 97% passed the PANCE for first time test takers. Do you know how many people passed the program and took the test (Was it the whole 32 student class?)

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