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  1. Check out http://arma-cert.org/prequalification and see if a supervisor you worked with would be willing to whip you up a letter. I got out after 6 yrs as a combat corpsman with nothing to show for it other than BLS, PHTLS and an MA cert. I know it's not much, but may help with those wanted ads that require certification/registration! Good Luck!
  2. Undergrad Ed School: Georgia State University Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.68 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.7 Age at application time : 27 1st GRE: 1180 (V: 490 Q: 690 A: 4.5) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Navy Corpsman w/ Marine Corps Infantry Battalion - 10k hours Navy Corpsman Education & Training Department (Naval Hospital) - 5k hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: MA @ free clinic (Good Samaritan Health Clinic - Gwinnett County, GA) Boys U6 Head Soccer Coach Schools Applied: Emory & Mercer University Application Submitted Date: July 2010 Schools Received Application Date: Mercer - August 2010, Emory - September 2010 Interview Invites: Emory & Mercer Waitlisted: N/A Accepted: Emory & Mercer Attempts: 1
  3. Undergrad Ed School: Georgia State University (Bio Major, Chem Minor) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.67 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.5 *CASPA GPA not calculated yet, will update Age at application time : 27 1st GRE: Taking June 2010 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) 6 years Navy Hospital Corpsman which included: 3 years with Marine Corps Infantry Battalion w/ 2 combat deployments (Feb - Aug '03 & Sep '04 - Mar '05) -trained and experienced in emergency first response/ prehospital trauma in combat environments 2 years working in Education & Training department at a Naval Hospital Extracurricular/Research Activities: Volunteer MA Good Samaritan Health Clinic Sunday School Teacher Volunteer U6 Boys Soccer Coach Schools Applied: Emory University & Mercer University (Atlanta, GA) Application Submitted Date: will update by end of June Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) will update Interview Invites: will update Denied: will update Withdrew Application: will update Waitlisted: will update Accepted: will update Attempts: first
  4. Hey Vaston how's your 1st year at Emory going? I'm looking at applying in May and would love to hear of your experience so far.

  5. No I'm not a Jarhead. Just spent most of my time as a line corpsman with 2/5.
  6. Hello Y'all I was enlisted in the Navy Oct 2001-August 2007 (had signed up 2 weeks prior to 9/11!! lol) July 2002 - July 2005 2nd BN 5th Marines 1stMARDIV Deployed OIF 1 2/03 - 9/03 Deployed OIF 2 Ramadi 9/04 - 4/05 July 2005 - August 2007 NH Bremerton, WA Staff Education and Training Department While I was at the hospital in WA I started attending a community college and over the course of 2 years I completed 1 full year of core courses, since I wanted to be "safe" and take my science courses at a 4 yr university. I got out in the summer of 2007 and started full gear at Georgia State University and will be majoring in Bio. I have 2 more 18 hour science course semesters left and I plan on applying within the next 5 months. In the mean time, I'm attempting to get as much shadowing and volunteer hours knocked out. I lucked out since there are two great programs within 1/2 an hour of where I live, Emory and Mercer:D
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