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  1. Ellee: I honestly do not know anyone whom took the Surgical PANRE. As for anxiety ,I have it as well. Took the PANCE twice because of it. I also have a friend who took the PANCE 3 times also due to anxiety and passed on the 4th try. I believe they went on a Beta Blocker to help. Not suggesting medications at all but do what you need to do to just relax once you get in there. My method was this. I stopped reading 2 weeks before the and exam and used something with just key points like whats included in Brian Wallaces material. Ex Bacterial Vaginosis = Clue Cells tx Metronidazole. Do not try to memorize everything because it is nearly impossible. Know what you know and just do question after question after question. During the actual test READ the questions completely. Either you will immediately know the answer, you can eliminate answers or you have no clue. If you have no clue do not waste your time, guess and move on. If you get a few question where you have no clue DO NOT WORRY OR FREAK OUT. My understanding is some of the questions are test questions. So if you get a zebra or something makes you say WTF to yourself it may be a test question so don't stress out. Don't get me wrong I had a few Zebra's such as Takotsubo's cardiomyopathy but at the end of the day know the main topics like the back of your hand. Coming from someone who also suffers from test anxiety I know it's easier said than done to tell you to simply relax. But that's what you have to do once you sit down in that seat and the test begins. You will be ok and remember, you do not need to get every question correct. YOU GOT THIS!!
  2. Took the PANRE a few weeks ago and PASSED (THANK GOD). I know a few other P.As that have taken the test ( passed as well) and we all came to the same conclusion. The PANRE Adult Medicine / Primary Care Exam is about 30-40% Peds. Don't waste your time studying immunizations because none of us got any questions regarding them. Know your Cardio, Pulmonary and G.I like its air and STUDY PEDS!!! What was very helpful for me was the Davis Book ( do the questions in the book and on the CD, double check the antibiotics). I swear a few of the questions were very similar and reading the explanations a few times was extremely helpful in answering the questions. Also the PANCE/PANRE Pearls and Listening to Brian Wallace's Podcast. If you can, get Brian Wallace's Final Step package as well. Don't bother paying for the practice test from the NCCPA site. It was a total waste. DO QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS!!!!! On the exam answer EVERY question. Don't spend alot of time on question where you have no clue. Guess and move on. Last. You will feel like you failed, this seems to be the norm. It takes about 7+ business days to get the results and whatever you do, DO NOT check your review material after the exam trying to figure out what you got correct or incorrect. It will drive you insane and cause instant depression. Remember you worked hard, you deserve it, you earned it!!! Good Luck all and Congrats to those that passed.
  3. I remember taking the PANCE on Wednesday or Thursday and received my results via email the next day. Does that apply with the PANRE or will test results take at least 1 week no matter what day of the week you take it?
  4. I'm just starting to study for the PANRE like this month. I work in Physical Med/ Ortho and Urgent Care with some Primary Care Experience. I'm using the Davis Book, PANCE Prep and Pearls and the Reg Comp Review for P.As book. Debating on if I should drop the cash for CME Review course and take the Pre-Test on NCCPA website. Anyone that has passed have any prep advice or test tips let me know. Thank you
  5. Agreed. The application is referring to Misdemeanors and Felonies not a traffic ticket. To totally set your mind at ease, email the board and ask them directly.
  6. It's pointless. These guys believe what they believe. When we start losing patients due to this type of thinking then maybe the lights in their heads will go off. FYI, I've questioned this type of thinking before and always get an an answer that makes me ask more questions. It becomes the debating to debating with brick wall game. I'm not a politician and I do not get paid enough for that. With these guys money speaks and if patients continue to not show up maybe then they will get it.
  7. Since creating this post, I find myself really paying closer attention to Chiros in our office. Example, we had a patient who was very upset she was told by our front desk she must keep her appointment for the day even though she was having flu (contagious) symptoms. I was unaware of this and was told this information by the patient once seen for their E&M. I had no idea who informed the Front Desk to give the information and brought this up in a meeting. Seriously who wants a sick patient in the office spreading their germs on other patients and possibly spreading it to the Provider ( me). We are a Physical Medicine office not a Urgent Care or Family practice office. I explained the patient felt they were forced to come in and were upset about it. One of the Chiros says, "Oh I told the front desk to give the patient that information". Then my eyes became really big ( O_O ) as the "senior" Chiro says, "yes we want our patient to come in even if they are sick because Chiropractic treatment has been known to cure the Flu. IT'S A VIRUS HOW CAN AN ADJUSTMENT CURE THAT??????? I could do nothing but die of laughter on the inside as I thought about the comments on this thread. THANKS GUYS!!"
  8. I believe so but you can not bill without an NPI.
  9. Don't get caught up in that. Drew has always been known to look at the person as whole and not just academics. Someone will always have more experience and a higher GPA than you. Go in and show them why you have a passion to be a PA and why Drew is the best fit for you. If I were you I would read up on Charles Drew himself and understand what he was about. My GPA sucked ( for a PA program) but I went in and talked about my passion for being a PA and how I felt could live up to the mission statement. It is a new Program but I do not see them straying away from their mission which is to serve the under served. GOOD LUCK.
  10. If accepted you will be the first class of a revamped program that I am sure has learned from the past. So don't worry. As a former CDU PA Program Grad all I can say GOOD LUCK and make us Alumni PROUD!!
  11. As a former graduate of the PA program, I am very happy to see CDU back. GOOO DREW!!!!
  12. Someone once told me always remember YOU are the PA!! Never feel bad for taking action to protect yourself because even the MD's will through you under the bus to protect themselves. My problem is I'm tired of taking action and having to say NO soely because these clowns just want to bill for as much as they can. Dealing with things like this is the ugly side of medicine where more of a business versus taking care of the patients. Take care of yourself my friend and prayers are with you.
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