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  1. may i get into that PANCE sample questions action please... email to emersonmoreno@gmail.com.. thanks a million!
  2. Hi Emerson 104!

    We made it! Congrats! :) I live in Chatsworth (the valley) so I plan on commuting the dreaded 405 for the first few months. I probably will be moving to LA with my family in a couple of months cause the drive will burn me out. Are you from around here?

  3. Hi Ana!


    I am officially in your class at CDU as well and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of our class!!! :)




    PS - do you have any plans regarding commuting or housing?

  4. hey, have u taken the pre-tests? If you have how much do I need to review? pretty in-depth? Anatomy Phys stuff?

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