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  1. Minimal chance on getting deployed from a OCONUS clinic. Japan is a great time. Enjoy the travel opportunities and exploring a new home!
  2. yes it is a another three year commitment from what I understand. Good topic though. I don't know if I will make the USN a career but if I don't I will definitely be doing an EM residency/fellowship when I get out and helping bump up the paycheck will make it a smoother transition. Good Luck in your residency/fellowship! I would love details on what program you choose and why.
  3. from what I understand (as an HPSP guy) is that if you commit beyond you initial commitment for HPSP you can use either montgomery and post 911.
  4. Typically shore duty (a non-operational command) is a 3 year tour. If you are wanting to go operational then you are most likely going to have to commit to another tour. There is always a chance that you may get deployed in your first command.
  5. I also know the current director and have shadowed some of the fellows. Post up a questions and I am sure LTJG Oneal or I could point you in the right direction.
  6. I am in Camp Lejeune as well right now but for pre-deployment trainng. I had heard bad things about this place but besides how hot it is (in the summer) I am really liking it, lots of outdoor recreation opportunities, beach is close, some of the surrounding communities seem nice. I have also heard good things about the clinic here from a PA I just met who seems happy. I could probably be convienced to move from San Diego (if there are no good west coast options) to here when I am negotiating for orders when I get back. I think HMtoPA hit the nail on the head, it is what you make it.
  7. I am currently here for the Navy Trauma Training Course. Its a pretty stellar ED that gets a lot of significant trauma. I have learned a ton by working in the ED with the residents and attendings. Unfortunetly PAs are left to the obs unit and fast track unit and there is no current thoughts of restarting the PA residency according the the department head. Overall a great experience thus far
  8. keep in mind many of these billets will be going to former NSW members, dive physican's and PA's with operational experience. With that being said there are some special warfare support billets (SO, SB, EOD) available to PA's.
  9. I can confirm this. PA deployments are unless in an operational billet are pretty much non existent at this time, so plan on applying after a second tour.
  10. I will be trying for one of these jobs once I get out of the Navy, seems like it would be a good transition.
  11. If you do join on the Navy side of the house your first duty station since you will have no prior service will most likely be at a clinic at one of the many clinics the USN has. All of the direct commission PAs in my ODS class are at clinics right now while the prior service PAs are at greenside or Special Warfare support billets. I specifically reuqested a greenside billet but was told that it is rare for a new PA with no prior experience to go greenside for their first duty station. Deployments for Naval PAs are slowing but I would expect you will be deployed out of your first duty station and if not count yourself lucky. Let me know if you have any other questions, I will do my best to help answer
  12. I have actually done these as a student but not as a PA-C. One of the EM attendings I rotated with loved these and would offer them to a majority of headache patients in the ED (I think he actually just loved doing any sort of procedure). We would usually see about 50 percent success.
  13. As a new PA and new to the Navy i can tell you I am usually out of the clinic by 1730 (5:30pm) at the latest. Most days 1600. The learning curve was steep at the beginning as I was basically on my own in terms of learning the EMR and the way that the Navy does things. I do most the holidays off unless I scheduled to the OOD (officer of the day). I work at a Naval Clinic on a Naval base so my experiences will differ from a FMF PA or Hospital based PA.
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