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  1. I grew up in the midcoast...it would meet all your goals for sure!
  2. I think there's only two of us representing...:)
  3. I just finished "In the Kingdom of Ice," which is another story of incredible herocism and courage if you liked "Unbroken"
  4. A pharmacy once made a mistake and listed a suboxone rx under my name when PA's cannot rx it here. I contacted the PDMP administrator for the state as soon as I noticed, who sent several threatening letters to the pharmacy (which closed shortly after the incident came about). I've kept a folder filled with all of my correspondance with the state to cover myself. My SP actually makes a note in the pt's chart stating when he identified to problem and what steps he had done to resolve it. All our controlled substances are written for 28 days (so rx don't run out on weekends), rx's don't inclu
  5. Thanks Ventana and Paula--I definitely understand what you are saying, and there have been times where I have put my foot down. Bottom line is that I have a very poor, chronically ill panel of patients 2-2.5 hours away from all specialists and we're currently in the middle of a record breaking winter (50+" of snow in 3 weeks alone). Asking people to leave work and come in for multiple visits particularly during this weather won't fly well, I'm afraid. I excelled at my primary care rotations in school, but they were in suburban delaware and NJ and the patients had nowhere near the complexity
  6. Templates work wonderfully for acutes and routine physicals. I have them set up for UTIs, acute sinusitis, bronchitis, low back strain, sports physicals, etc. The problem is that I don't see as much acute as I do chronic care, and then templates are too cumbersome (too much clicking and data entry for multiple complaints). This is a typical patient: Yesterday I had a 60 yo male without insurance or transportation come in for a 3 mo, 20 min followup for T2DM, Crohns, RA, B/L shoulder pain, and lumbar DDD, eczema, and smoking cessation; and my MA finds me and says "he has a list for you," wh
  7. They got me Dragon, but didn't consider the fact that our laptops are so old they couldn't run the program efficiently. They've been talking about getting me a new laptop for over a year. I write my hours on all my time cards and everyone sees how much I'm working. I put in 57.5 hours last week. I go home and it's either "Am I going to chart, or am I going to eat/do laundry/dishes, etc. I almost never get to study which is frustrating. There's no way I'm going to get more money because they're (supposedly) giving me 12.5k for loan repayment this year. This makes me feel a little b
  8. I'm going into my 3rd year of rural family practice at an FQHC. I see mostly adults/geriatrics as our practice has maybe 30 peds patients. We get 20 mins for routine f/u and acute visits, 30 mins for procedures, and 40 mins for physicals/medicare wellness visits/well child checks. Office is open 8-5, I get an hour for lunch, and an hour in the morning and 30 mins at the end of the day for admin time. Except my admin time is usually filled with walkins as we can't turn them away and we have a pretty high tourist population. I can see up to 16-18 pts/day with a schedule layout like that. I'm
  9. I work for an FQHC and was told up front I'd be taking after hours clinic call. At first it was every other week alternating with my SP, but I didnt mind because before that he was on call for a year by himself. The problem was my area didn't have cell phone/pager service the first year so I couldn't leave my apartment off hours as I had to stick around the land line. We have a firm policy of no rx refills after hours. Most of the time I'll get a call around midnight from the lab that someone had a critical glucose if 402 when the blood was drawn at 10, or any patient who mentions coumadin ge
  10. I work for a FQHC in rural Maine and I have had the same struggles. Our EMR is slow and clunky (Compugroup), and at one point I figured out that I was spending 30 mins per pt doing their prep work/chart reading, and then typing out the notes. At 15-16 pts per day, that's over 7 hours of paperwork that I have been trying to squeeze in to a clinical day. I get to to work 2 hours early, do around 2 hours of work at home (I take lunch off to walk my dog), and then give up most of my Saturday reading new patient charts and to tying up any loose ends. This makes 0 sense as the clinic doesn't make mo
  11. I graduated a few years ago, and when I was on rotations, they don't pay you for housing. They will provide either a hotel or a room in a private residence if you are more than 70 miles outside Philly , and they will directly pay the hotel/house owner. I did hear a rumor that they might not be continuing to pay for housing during rotations--I would double check on that.
  12. As a recent grad who just hit 1 year out (rural family practice), I couldn't agree more with Ventana's post. One thing rotations didn't prepare me for was just how much time you spend a day charting/doing paperwork/making phone calls. I started out at around 10 pts/day and it was nice having 40 min followups initially with my patients so I could have time to fully review their charts and get good histories, as well as have time to consult my SP if needed without getting behind in schedule. 20-25/day would be a bit much initially.
  13. Hello all, I work at a FQHC in rural Maine. For the first time in 30 years, providers at my site weren't granted loan repayment through the NHSC. Administration has since told me that they will work the funds that I would have received into my contract for next year. The question is on how to do this, as if I had received the funds through the NHSC, they would have been tax free. My clinic has not been able to figure out how to give me the funds without going through payroll. They have been unable to contact HRSA with the furlough. Does anyone have any insight on how my clinic might be abl
  14. I too and a born and raised Mainah and work on the coast. Where are you moving to?
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