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  1. Hello everybody- hope all is well. I'm looking for any INFO any of you may have on being a PA down in FL. I read the FL state assoc website already. It looks like a stricter state regarding PA's . Any thoughts? My background: PA x 5 years-- I've been working as a full-time Ortho trauma surg PA the past 2 years here in Maryland. I also work part time urgent care. Anyway, family reasons have me headed to FL likely later this year. Doing licensing stuff now. Any help/wisdom would be GREAT!! Thanks in advance. ~jrw
  2. Hi guys, Hope you all are well, my name is Jay and I am general surgery PA x 2 years here in Philly looking to spread my wings in Orthopedics. After 2 years out of Hahnemann, rotating on 7 diff surgery services with 50+ attendings, I am ready to chase my Ortho dreams! I know you all are quite busy, but I was curious if you all knew of anybody in the Philadelphia metro area (50 mile radius) who might be looking for a new Ortho surgery PA? I would like to thank you all in advance for an help you might be able to provide. After this Hurricane Sandy business, I have decided I can't waste anymore time! ha! Take care fellow PA's, Sincerely, ~jay
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