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  1. About to start a PhD Program but nervous and overall not that excited about the significant research component. My end career goals involve clinical education and administration. Is anyone post PhD or DMSc but was considering one of the two prior to enrollment? I'm curious about the specific career aspects of the DMSc and if you felt the PhD would have been more helpful.
  2. Hi PAtobe52, Congrats on both acceptances! My honest advise is to pick the location where you feel more at home, where can you see yourself for the next 2 years in regards to location, faculty, other accepted students, and field that you think you may practice in (though this will likely change). Before PA school I also had my choice of schools but picked the one that I just fell in love with aside from stats, elective numbers, etc. In the grand scheme of things, anatomy is important but so is having additional electives especially if you're interested in working in a sub-specialty field. Good luck on your choice!
  3. My honest opinion would be to pick a major that you love! I'm sure a higher GPA in a major that you love with strong pre-req courses looks better than a major that may look good but one that you hate. I've also seen many RNs become great NPs and great PAs. Us PAs love all members of the healthcare team!
  4. Double check the schools you're applying to as so many require anatomy with lab. Be sure that if you're taking an online course that it either comes with a lab or your programs that you're applying to don't require one. I've heard UNE has a great online organic chem course: https://online.une.edu/science-prerequisites/online-organic-chemistry-i/
  5. You can view all programs on provisional or probation status here: http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation/accredited-programs/ As a student, you're still allowed to graduate and take the PANCE as probation status is still accreditation. There are many big name schools including others in New England that are either on probation or have been on probation in the past, who have all successfully moved to continuing accreditation without any problems or negative impacts on students. I would view the reasons why each school is on probation to give you an idea, also available on the above link. Many citations don't always make sense so I would view each school's individual website for information. Some schools also publish their response or plan online . https://www.mghihp.edu/paprogram-accreditation-faq
  6. Specificity is defined as true negatives / ( true negatives + false positives) In others words it is: those who don't actually have the disease / (those who don't actually have the disease + those who don't have the disease but were tested positive). So if 100 people came into a clinic to be tested for a disease and 70 were tested as true negative, 20 were true positives, 6 were false negative, and 4 were false positives the specificity would be 70/(70+4) I knew that epi would come in handy one day.
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