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  1. Right now MDs make a lot more than 15% higher than PAs/NPs It's time to start yelling in the streets -- EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK MDs in primary care average 200k -- PAs in primary care should also average 200k
  2. It's not sustainable unless your entire client population is Medicare or Medicaid. For some medicaid plans (Texas does this) you have to get preauthorization to get house calls covered. Private insurance won't cover house calls and will force all of those visits to patient deductible. There was another house visit company in DFW called PediaQ which did pediatric house calls. They folded after 12 months because the patients discovered they were getting hit with huge out of network bills not covered by private insurance.
  3. As bad as physicians can be, do you really want a complete corporate takeover of healthcare by MBAs with zero medical experience? Because thats the alternative to having MDs run things. Hell, that's already happening in most of the country. MDs, even with their faults, are still better at running healthcare than MBAs are. As PAs advance as a profession we will slowly get more people up there too, but make no mistake the leadership will always be mostly MDs.
  4. I think this is mostly not true. There are a few insurance companies that might not have non-board certs in tier 1 or "preferred" status but haven't heard of any reimbursement being tied to board certification.
  5. For docs, board certification is a luxury and not a requirement. I don't know of any states that tie licensure to board certification. There are only 2 issues I can think of: 1. Some hospitals require their docs to be board certified in order to have admitting privileges 2. Some insurance companies won't put non-board certified docs into their "preferred" provider status. That being said, I haven't heard of any insurance company kicking a doctor off their panel simply because their board cert lapsed.
  6. How are you going to do that? If somebody calls are you going to refuse to see them if they have insurance? Is your rig only going to areas where homeless people are and ignoring the rich suburbs? Also, ERs get federal funds for uninsured patients. Let's not pretend that they are getting zero reimbursement.
  7. I never understood how the bad actors in our profession could get away with this. The article said this guy has half a dozen malpractice lawsuits against him from 20 years ago. How the hell is this guy getting malpractice coverage after being sued 6 times? What malpractice carrier is going to insure such a reckless practitioner?
  8. If an urgent care provider is going to order outside imaging studies at 9 PM at urgent care, they'd better be prepared to call the patient back with results at 10 AM the next morning when the PA is off duty at home. Personally, not something I would like to do. It's absurd to order a study and then offload the reporting to a different provider who likely has no idea that the study was ordered or why it was ordered. It's also a huge liability if the provider you "hand off" the results too doesn't receive it correctly or doesn't follow-up correctly.
  9. There's actually some broad loopholes in that Texas law. For example Texas Health Resources runs and owns 30+ clinics in the DFW area, and none of those clinics is owned by MDs. Aslo the leadership of THR is all MBA/business types without any MDs at the helm. So they obviously found a loophole to exploit.
  10. This thread by somebody who obviously made a wrong career choice. He/she wanted to be called "physician" or "doctor" but for some reason chose the PA route instead. My advice -- drop PA and go to med school. It's obviously something you've been perseverating about for a long time to try this road of justification. Why torture yourself? You'll be much happier if people can call you "doctor" or "physician" so it's obvious to us you made a bad career choice. I'm happy to be a PA. I don't need to be called a "physician" to appreciate my career and the good I do helping patient
  11. Medical board will only get involved for people who have no medical-related degree at all. So if a guy with an associates in art history starts giving medical advice, the medical board will send a "cease and desist" letter. But if it's a nurse, naturopath, faith healer, or any kind of charlatan with a cracker jack box medical certificate, they won't touch it. BTW, I believe NDs in Arizona have full practice autonomy and can write for every drug out there including schedule IIs
  12. What VA is this? My VA experience was the opposite -- not only did they want antibiotics for every cold, but they wanted dilaudid for 40 year old back injuries from Vietnam or other wars they had fought in.
  13. Sounds to me like your surgeon is not taking care of his patients. The clinic should have called him and told him to e-script the narcotic while he was on vacation. That's a pretty major failure IMO -- a surgery clinic should ALWAYS be able to provide narcotics post-op regardless of whether the doc is out of town or not. Asking the PCP to script narcs? Completely inappropriate. Did anybody actually bother to call the surgeon? He should have been made aware of this situation immediately and he should be the one to fix it by e-scripting the narcs.
  14. You guys don't get it... The one and only reason why NPs are so far ahead is the fact that NPs are regulated by nursing boards, not medical boards. Nursing boards can declare that NPs can do neurosurgery solo and there's not a damn thing the medical boards can do about it. If PAs want to catch up to NPs, we need our own INDEPENDENT PA BOARD. That's the ONLY way we can catch up to them. Calling ourselves associates instead of assistants isnt going to do a damn thing
  15. I can't take the author of the original article seriously when he looks like he's high on crank:
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