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  1. I can. Last workshop ends at 6:30 and will be available after that!
  2. I am flying out after teaching the last lecture on Tuesday, so will miss the happy hour. If anyone is looking to gather the night of 5/3, let me know
  3. I am flying out tuesday after I teach the final US course. Sunday/Monday would work best for me!
  4. Let me know if anyone plans on doing the Emergency Ultrasound Workshop as I am helping teach. We have three workshops: 1. Basic Ultrasound : Basic physics, FAST, Cardiac, IVC and Aorta 2. Advanced US: MSK/Soft Tissue/Ocular/Renal/RUQ 3. Procedural US: Regional Anesthesia, LP, Central Lines, Abscess, Paricardiocentesis, Thoracentesis Be great to connect with others on the forum.
  5. If anyone is attending SEMPA this year I will be an instructor for the Emergency Ultrasound Workshops. Workshops will be on 5/3 and 5/4 with a focus on basic emergency ultrasound, advanced ultrasound and ultrasound guided procedures. We will be teaching basic physics, FAST, Cardiac, Soft Tissue, Ocular, Renal, Abdominal, LPs, Central Lines, etc.
  6. “Much worse than any HA she has ever had” = CT with recommendation for an LP. If the patient has a lengthy migraine history that has been worked up by neurology with prior CT/MRI, then I am less inclined so long they are experiencing baseline symptoms (which this patient is not) and no neurological deficits suggesting cerebral fat embolism, meningeal irritation, pseudotumor cerebri etc.
  7. "What is your favorite "go-to" treatment regimens for the most common urgent care complaints in the elderly?" Makes me nervous. It suggests to me that you're looking for cookbook solutions rather than having a deeper understanding as to why you practice the way you do. I sense this is also what is driving your lack of confidence when dealing with certain patient populations. I would advise that you start with a list of presenting symptoms in this population that make you feel uncomfortable and start studying! Why are you "afraid" of macrolides? Get an EKG and check their QTc. But, prescr
  8. Percocillin - Opioid/Penicillin combo Fuk-it-ol- Antidepressant
  9. I agree EKG looks suspicous for inferior STEMI with reciprocal changes in the lateral leads. Trop of 11 even with a calculated GFR is pretty high to be artificially bumped by a Cr 2.34 in a 270 lb male. I would also recommend that when assessing the isoelectric line you do it from the start of the J pt or ST segment moving towards the next complex. Had you done that, you can see the elevation. Going from the PR can get you in trouble for a multitude of reasons. RCA correlates with the EKG. These cases keep us sober, great job.
  10. Missouri is looking to pass a bill that would allow medical school graduates to practice medicine without the completion of a residency. They will practice under supervision for a period of one month, but then can practice independently. To further confuse patients they will be called Assistant Physicians, but can be called a Doctor unlike Physician Assistants. The author states these new doctors will have more schooling than physician assistants thus making the argument they are more qualified at this stage to practice independently, unlike PA's. Obviously the AAPA is against this as it will
  11. I will always take into consideration requests by the patients PCP. Difference being, I work in an emergency department and my job is determine whether or not their patient is having an emergency. But, I am not ordering an MRI of the Lumbar Spine to r/o Cauda Equina when their patient presents with no cord deficits. I understand they may have a radiculopathy secondary to a root compression from a disc protrusion, but that doesn't justify an emergent MRI in the ED that will be 10x the cost for outpatient imaging. Unless they lack sphincter tone, US demonstrates >120 post-void residual, aref
  12. .... would you prefer 'Soliloquy'? Perhaps this is more for you :)
  13. Brian Regan does a fantastic job at providing a comedic perspective as a patient who enters the emergency department: Enjoy!
  14. Any PA's currently working in vascular doing US-Guided Sclerotherapy, Microphlebectomy, Varicose/Spider Vein Treatment, etc that can provide me with some insight into this subspecialty? Specifically, I would like to hear about job satisfaction, procedure scope of practice, etc. Thank you!
  15. Due to his lack of knowlege about the profession, he whimsically paraphrased a cartoon Dick Morris had on his website: http://www.dickmorris.com/wp-content/uploads/Medicare-Cuts-Cartoon.jpg Since Lenny just finished a community college, I presume he was thinking of a Medical Assistant. < insert link to name change >
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