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  1. I'm currently at Stanford in a surgical position mostly managing inpatient and outpatient work. Work hours are super flexible and schedule is relaxed. No weekends, no holidays, no call. I came from a primarily OR job and miss it a LOT. To the point where I am suturing pig's feet at home. Also the constant rotation of new residents and lack of autonomy on the inpatient side is starting to wear down on me. I feel like I have to run a very simple decision through three layers of individuals before I can order a pain med on my patient. This would never have been questioned at my old job. I just got an offer for a pure surgical position at Kaiser. It's a schedule similar to my old job where I took surgical call. The pay will end up being significantly higher because Kaiser compensates very well for every hour of call you take. It sounds like there's more autonomy and no residents. However the more I read about Kaiser on this forum the more I am concerned that my scope of practice will still be very limited and I'll miss out on some interesting opportunities that a university environment could offer. Anyone who can offer any opinion that might swing me one direction or the other? Another consideration - I am a >30yo looking to start a family with my husband soonish.
  2. I private messaged you! I am totally disenchanted to be honest.
  3. I just moved to NoCal (Silicon Valley) area due to my husband's new job. My attending in Florida contacted his friend at a major university here and got me my dream job. I have five years of pediatric surgery experience and have been told that I am expected to train the other NPs in the group (who all have less than or around one year of experience in the subspecialty). I am less than one week into my job and today I found out that one NP (who has just over one year of experience) is being paid slightly more than me. Apparently this institution counts nursing experience as part of their calculations in salary. She told me what her starting salary was which was about 8k lower than me. She has since received a raise and her salary is now just a hair above mine. Part of this is because she was the only one running the show for awhile so they may have been given a performance bonus of some sort. This was very deflating to me given that I have five years of experience being a provider, have an entire OR skillsket, and have been asked by the NPs to proctor them to first assist only to find out that they are being paid more than me. Anyone else run into these situations in this area? From what I have read on this forum the nursing unions are very strong here in NoCal. Does this apply to NPs as well? When I received my initial offer from HR I asked if there was any room for negotiation and was told no because it was based on a scale for my clinical background.
  4. Hi Everyone, This is just based on various employers I've talked to. Our local EM groups in West Central Florida range anywhere from $45 an hour with few benefits (malpractice, 401k, and a high deductible health insurance, no CMEs or paid time off) to $52/hour with full benefits that are absolutely amazing. I understand that there are productivity bonuses, and salary increases every year (up to $5 an hour increase) From what I see the $52/hour group is much more competitive to get into due to a low turnover rate. The $45/hour ER groups tend to have a very high new grad turnover rate. Just my observation.
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