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  1. I have heard of it, but that goes back to the whole lymphoma issue. If I live to be 80 years old, that puts me on these drugs for over 50 years! Combine that with a 1/1000 chance of lymphoma, and it's not to appealing. I guess it all comes down to this: I have had attacks (diarrhea, vomiting, 10 on a scale of 10 abdominal pain) only about every year or so. Between attacks, I'm just fine. That's why I think it took 10 years to get the diagnosis--I only had attacks every so often. The prednisone is working, but I'm not sure how effective these other drugs will work, and they don't cure the disease, so I'm still at risk of having attacks. If I have them every year or more, what good will the drugs do? I'm not constantly having diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. I have been contemplating the Specific Carb Diet too, but would it just be overkill to limit myself to a restrictive diet and take BIG drugs?
  2. My doc mentioned that actually, but just said that it was there and that if I decided to do something like that, he wouldn't try and stop me. I can't help but not want to do that. Maybe it's all that negative publicity parasites get. If I have attacks on average every year or so (which isn't too bad from what I hear), compare that to all the side effects (what is the risk of lymphoma? I've heard something like less than 1%), would it be worth it to go on meds? There doesn't seem to be a real definite "no more flare-up" drug anyway, right? Remicade and all those drugs don't prevent relapses...they just prolong remission, right? My doc told me to think about what I want to do. Unfortunately, I don't know a whole lot about it. I've researched and researched, but I'm simply torn between what to do. All I know as a patient, is that I do NOT want cancer!
  3. Thanks. This is actually for myself. I just so happen to be a PA student. My GI doc is actually referring me to an Allergist as well, b/c my eosinophils were elevated at the time he had to put me on prednisone. He said there may be a food allergy issue as well (oh joy!). I voiced my opinion to him about my lymphoma fear, and he understood but told me I would have another flare-up. I am being slowly taken off the prednisone and in a month I see him again. To be honest, I am scared about the lymphoma issue and I'm completely lost in what I should do. I guess I may just do the Remicade/6-MP like he said, but cost, time (as if PA school isn't taking up enough time now I've got to go in every 8 weeks and get IV injections?! And it takes 2 hours?), and cancer risk are not very inviting. I have mild inflammation and ulceration, but nothing has even been mentioned of fistulas...just a possible obstruction in my ileum if the inflammation gets bad enough...and it hurts VERY bad when I have an attack. I know there are rules/laws/etc. that make many of you hesitant in telling me what to do, but if you were me (knowing what you know about side effects, being in PA school, cost--I have BCBS and I think it will cover a good portion of the medicine, but I'm already a poor PA student :) ), what would you do? Thanks for your help
  4. Does anyone know if for inflammation of the ileum from Crohn's Disease what drugs would be most effective and not costly? I've heard different drugs target different parts of the GI tract. What about Asacol? I have heard that Asacol might not work on inflammation in the ileum. Is there any truth to that? I have heard of a combo of 6-MP and Remicade. I don't know about 6-MP, but I have heard that Remicade can be quite expensive (as well as Humira). Then, there's that whole risk of lymphoma. Any help on this?
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