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  1. Hello alleycat,

    I don't know if you remember me, but you helped "throw darts" at my PS last year. I just wanted to thank you again for your time and to also inform you that I was excepted into The UW's MEDEX program (My first and only pick). I started at the beginning of the summer! As you can immagine, I am very excited. Thank you for your amazing critiques. It helped me immensely, I was able to look at my paper from multiple different angles and see the flaws I missed because of your fantastic editing skills :) Thank you for giving me a helping hand on my way into PA school.

  2. ah hi. just noticed the comment below DONATE. I'm pretty sure I've donated to you this year. I know I've given twice and thought the last time was earlier this year. am I mistaken?? thanks



  3. kinda like I now see I've posted to 'visitor messages', rather than PM. hmmm. mci.

  4. hi. :smile: i'm slowly finding new functions you've installed at Forum. kinda fun. but clicking buttons and not exactly knowing the consequences is a frequent computer fault of mine. I once announce the birth of my first granddaughter to 1500 employees rather than my one intended person. :=-0: now I see that my proper full name is attached to the "like" icon of facebook.:sadface:


    can you, with your super powers "erase", my name??? or did I just screw myself to scrutiny from any one???


    thanks. your forum is great.

  5. where please can i find the reference that differentiates between the "use for" as it applied to PA/NP vs MD/DO?? thanks. and the course is, I've heard, available online.
  6. I am happy to critique any PS requests, however, I do prefer they be posted on the PS FORUM. this is because others may benefit from your style of writing, experiences, and any comments/recommendations posted by myself or other PAs. alleycat :=D:

  7. Captain Rom. I would have given everything except my kid and my dog to have been able to attend med school. I was in PA program same time my son's wife was in Med School. When I 'hit the wall mid 2nd year, I was told to suck it up and report for class the next day or..drop on request. she hit the wall end of 2nd year and was given FIVE months to rethink, regroup, renew..and then went back to finish. today, my pay is 87K, hers is 210K, same specialty. and even her social status and job perks so far exceed mine it makes me cry. and student loans!!! med school x 3 yrs plus 2.5 yr @ PA....you, like me, would spend the rest of your life paying it off. I agree that if you drop Med school after so far in, regardless of what you don't like, you will regret it for the rest of your working life...I agree that if you finish, there are "cushy" MD jobs for you, shorter hours, less liability...look for them. I thought I heard you say you wanted to drop MD because of all the negative aspects of MDdom you have heard...grapevines tend to lift up the bad news faster than the good..don't believe everything you hear...except of course unless it came from the PA FORUM :=D::heheh:
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