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  1. PA school - University of Utah (UPAP) Class 40 (2011)

    Surgery Post-Graduate Program - Duke University Medical Center starting Sept. 2011

  2. This is a really good question, I’m just finishing PA school and here is what I learned. 1) Only take what you absolutely need to pay for tuition and to live on (if you have a working spouse this is easier) 2) Pay the interest payments during school to avoid compounding interest (if able, spouse works) 3) If your school goes through the summer then consider taking out the maximum amounts of federal aid (subsidized and unsubsidized) and save for the summer tuition; to avoid high “grad plus”interest rates. Of course, you’re going to pay on the interest on the unsubsidized federal loans, but it will be cheaper than the grad plus loans. 4) Don’t buy anything (cars, toys) and get rid of anything you can live without, especially if you are still paying on it. 5) Most important thing is to sit down, figure out the cost, and come up with a plan. It will be different for everyone based on tuition cost, living expenses, spouses working situation, kids, and prior savings. 6) Pick the best PA school with the lowest cost of attendance… 7) Repay as fast as you can (which is my plan), but would love to hear from others that have already done it. Best of luck with your PA education
  3. There has to be other options for you to stay active in the Medical profession.I'm sure you are not the first person not to match. Talk with some other MD/DOcolleagues and find out what your options are. But as others have pointed out,you will not be able to practice as a PA. Good luck
  4. Current pre-pa students that are applying this (2009) cycle and are willing to share your stats and the schools you’re applying to. Include; GPA- Clinical experience- GRE (if applicable)- Schools you’re applying to- (list in preference order, starting with your 1st choice) I’ll start; GPA- Overall -3.6; science is 3.4 Clinical experience- CNA for 1 year, LPN for 1 year, and RN for 2 years; Most of that is part time, but I have just over 4000 hour total. GRE - Did not take Schools- University of Utah, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Drexel, Pacific University, and Touro Nevada
  5. Hey Utah03, I noticed you were a PA-Student in Utah (I'm assuming at the University of Utah). I'm finishing my undergrad. right now at the U and I'm planning on applying to the Utah program next cycle. Just wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions about the program? Maybe give some helpful tips for my application?



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