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  1. This bridge states there is no restriction on residency choices, but I wonder when it comes to actually matching how it will affect these students. Match looks at your rotations, letters of reccomendation, research, and so on and will this be limited in a 3 year program and will bridge programs be pushed into primary care anyways similar to many foreign medical grads. Many FMG's have great step scores and US rotations but still cannot match into many of the highly selective and profitable residencies due to the image of going to a foreign medical school. I realize there are DO residencies that
  2. Also for call, if you are called in, you get paid for a minimum of 2 hours each time you go in to the hospital.
  3. Typically no. I just interviewed and how they do it is they send off your qualifications ( BS. or MS, and years experience) to a payroll board who apply you to a GS Scale and a step within that scale. That gives you your salary. There are alterations to the scale like how many people applied and how hard it is to recruit to the particular area that help. Secondly there is tuition reimbursement available up to 50-60K over 5 or 6 years that may also be available. For call you get a small hourly rate and then if you have to go in it is like time and a half. There may be some small play in the s
  4. I just interviewed at a VA hospital this week and the salary may be somewhat lower, but benefits are amazing. The other factor is the VA is paying you to work 40 hours per week and anything over that is overtime pay. Not many salaries out there for a job in the medical field are for 40 hours but more like 50-60 hours per week.
  5. I am getting ready to negotiate salary for a new job offer with a VA hospital working in ortho. Just curious how much flexibility there is in the salary negotiation. Do they just assign to the GS scale or is there some give and take. They have hinted at student loan repayment, relocation, and sign on bonus possibilities that I expect to adjust for the overall lower salary that I imagine the VA will offer. VA also has excellent benefits. We have not spoken about if call pay is included in the salary or extra compensation yet. I was planning on taking an AAPA salary survey in with me but am unsu
  6. From what I understand it has dissolved. I knew a past graduate and he said he was in the last class.
  7. I think it was a combination of the above. A good letter of reccomendation especially from an ortho supervising physician, good grades, and having a passion for ortho will make a student very competative, They must want to sacrafice their time and some salary for a year but it is well worth it for the experience which pays off.
  8. I did. I will be starting this fall and am very excited. It is a top notch program that exposes it residents to many learning experiences and opportunities. No competition with medical residents at all. Only staff with PA residents. If you are interested in more information you may send me a PM.
  9. Is there anyone on this forum who has completed or interviewed for the Ortho residency at IBIJ. I am interviewing in 1 week for a position and am excited about it. I would just like to hear how previous residents have enjoyed their experience from this residency and how it helped them down the line in their careers.
  10. I can not comment on what makes a successful candidate of this residency but my friends who have completed other residencies including ortho have informed me of the expected work hours. I believe as a resident you should expect to push the 80 hour work week allowed and that you will be spending one 24 hour period per week of in house call. The idea is that the time you are away from the hospital is time you are not learning. I think it would be hard with a family and two kids but definately should not hold you back from applying if this is what you want to do. I have applied and hope maybe to
  11. Just wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience with this residency. Just got my aplication sent off in the mail for the 2010 cycle. Its a nervous waiting game again just like applying for PA school. Just wanted to know any first hand experiences of the residency experience at IBJI. Also wondering how the interview/acceptance process experience was.
  12. Undergrad School: University of Utah B.S. Exercise Science Athletic Training Cumulative Undergrad G.P.A: 3.63 Science Undergrad G.P.A: 3.52 Grad School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( Athletic Training) Post-bac science G.P.A.: 3.75 Age at application: 25 GRE: 1170 Direct Patient Care: -Orderly ER (6 months) -EMT- Intermediate (3 years) -Athletic Trainer (2 years) Extracurricular Activities: Research on female ACL injury Special Olympics Volunteer EMT TA for Anatomy class Various clubs Application Submitted: October 2007 Schools Received: Nove
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