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  1. In Michigan we used to have our "delegates" the MAs print and save the PDMP to the chart before every visit. Then I would look at it. I think they would scan it into the chart without printing. Like you pointed out this takes a lot of labor. I am not aware of any law that forbids you from entering this in the chart, but I never looked to see if it's legal either. About a year ago our EMR vendor now has a button I click on that automatically brings up the PDMP. We use E-clinical works. I no longer save it in the chart. I have logged in through the state and it does log my inquiry. Our EMR also saves that I checked it. I have not noticed This has saved us a ton of labor for our MAs. We are required to check the PDMP before prescribed a controlled substance, but we did that well before it was law.
  2. I'm going for lawn care independent contractor. Buy a nice zero turn mower and ride around all day with headphones on.
  3. Disclose it. I had a stupid thing my friends and I did while we were in high school. We fulfilled all of the requirements from the judge. I disclosed it to NCCPA and for state licensing. No one has ever contacted my about it.
  4. If I could go back to where I was just out of high school I would go pre-med then med school. I was basically pre-med in undergrad, but did not start until I was 25. I already had a wife and a child at that time, so I thought med school would have been impossible. I lived in a town that had a PA program. Once I became a physician I would work the same amount of time I am now except make twice as much money.
  5. How devastating for that family. And if this is someone close to you, I am very sorry for your loss.
  6. That is a very good point and that is going to be my stance from here on out. I've switched quite a few Medicare patients from Botox to Xeomin due to the ease of ordering and storage. (my boss won't keep Botox on hand due to needed to be refrigerated) I have never had a patient mention any difference in efficacy between the two. Medicare does not differentiate between the two.
  7. I am just wondering if anyone is still doing any procedures/injections during the stay at home orders. We have mostly stopped, but are taking some on a case by case basis. For instance I injected Xeomin for Migraines yesterday. I was debating to do this or not, but I am glad that I did. During the visit he told me that his headaches would get so severe that he would not be able to function without it. I wonder where we draw the line, elective vs necessary. Yes, it is not life threatening, but what a miserable way to live.
  8. That is crazy!! I work in pain management and we are not abandoning our patients. I mange some chronic opioids as well as other scheduled medications. The last thing anyone needs is to overload the system with preventable visits. We started to consider telemedicine last week and are full on tomorrow. I have a few that I have to see face to face, but overall I'm planning on seeing 3/4+of my patients over the computer. This still pays the same as face to face visits.
  9. Here is a link to a piece I listened to yesterday. Closing a public school is a very difficult decision with a lot of potential consequences. For instance it is something like 20-25% of US households are food insecure. What do these kiddos do for food if they don't have the support that they get in school. So even though experts agree closing schools would slow the transmission, there are many other factors involved. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/11/814438424/when-should-schools-close-for-coronavirus
  10. Check https://acemapp.org/ if you have not already. There were 20+ jobs just in FM in the lower mid to northern lower peninsula (I don't search any further south than Central Michigan). I also see a lot of jobs in the south west through Bronson Hospital. You may need to broaden your search. Some of the smaller town clinics are great learning environments for a new grad in FM. I know at least two PAs that are at still at their first jobs since graduation 13 years ago.
  11. So, the answer is to say screw it, accept that legislatively we have more restrictions? I've been a PA for 11 years and have seen an upward trend in recognition and responsibility. Why would we not support the only state wide/nation wide organization that we have? What other option do we have? Despite what has happened in the past, let's move forward.
  12. This is the problem. I can not understand why more PAs don't join their state organization. They are the ones that are out fighting for us in the states to try to remove legislative barriers to practice. The reason we have done so well in Michigan is because of our MAPA. Join your state academy, AAPA and your specialty organization if you have one. If you want to help even more throw a few bucks into the PAC.
  13. Working in pain management this happens all to often. I get people showing up on our doorstep after just running out of their high dose opioids and now I'm left to deal with them. Their previous prescriber who made the mess refuses to properly wean them. Since the CDC guidelines came out, medical providers are so scared to prescribe that they just refuse and don't care what happens to the patient. A local large hospital system won't allow their primary care to manage any chronic opioids regardless of the dose. We are seeing the effects of the pendulum swinging too far.
  14. Who told patients that pain = opioids
  15. Michigan seems like the opposite. It seems like the more populated areas: Ann Arbor and Southwest MI are hiring whereas there are just a handful of posted openings in my town of 30,000. I would look at MAPA's website for jobs. I get regular e-mails and there are always multiple through Bronson Hospital in Southwest MI.
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