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  1. ok, here's one what do you worry about when you replete NA too quickly in a hyponatremic pt? and why? I actually got pimped on this and "learned" it the hard way...:=-0: Oh and what common drug taken chronically can cause a false positive THC on a UTOX?
  2. yes I think its crazy (prob doable but not advisable). I just finished a 9 hour shift in my Hepatology/GI in pt. rotations and now studying up for my presentation during rounds tomorrow to my attending. I will probably need another 4 hours to do this! I thought I can work in fact i promised my wife i would find a job once i started clinical-it has been 8 months and I haven't even filled out that starbuck's app yet-something my wife won't live down :0(
  3. i dunno if you were answering my post rev, but what i mean is why even go through a bridge? just go back to med school do the extra year of clinical and you can go to the school of your choice and not fight for the 12 open slots. maybe that one year is worth it for some, I'll be happy to just be out soon and working.
  4. soooo 3 yrs of Med school PLUS residency for a net savings of 1 year of clinical??? hmmm...why do it? Especially if you have been practicing medicine as a PA for years.
  5. ^^ man Contrarian, I hope not! I'm just about to start out and dont want to have a DNP as a SP (or S-DNP??? soo confused):sadface:
  6. just something I came across today: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos321.htm "Respiratory therapists—also known as respiratory care practitioners—evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Practicing under the direction of a physician, respiratory therapists assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care therapeutic treatments and diagnostic procedures, including the supervision of respiratory therapy technicians. They consult with physicians and other healthcare staff to help develop and modify patient care plans." I posted here before ab
  7. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a PA since i got discharged from the Navy but recently, I had half-seriously questioned my choice. Np's are known to the public as to their role in healthcare and with their clout, they are (in a most dangerous way BTW) are just moving their DNP, or whatever agenda they wish for that matter, forward. If they truly are (not in reality but in the public's, policy maker's eyes) our competition or at least a threat to our relevance in the new healthcare arena, then we are in trouble. I FULLY intend to finish PA school BTW (7 more months baby) :D
  8. Hi Steve, I want to say that I am proud to be a PCAP'er especially with you in office and I mean this with ALL due respect, but man I can't help but think "these ads were the best they could come up with?' I mean the first one looks like a Paramedic ad or even a ER nurse ad. The one with the lady freezing her buns off (lol) and the one after that, at first glance, were no better at really impacting on what we do. The last two look like ads for Nat'l Healthcare. I know the fine print has info on some of the scope of PA's but I like Emed's idea about John so and so PA-C in backwater Tennessee.
  9. PA's and NP's make diagnoses....but re: Path Assistants, perhaps the Phys Assistant societies and path asst' and AA'S and RA'S should unite under one common society/lobby. it would possibly give a stronger front and why not include our pathology, and radiology cousins? from what you describe you are in essence the PA to a pathologist. i respect your profession...perhaps others here are just unfamiliar with it kinda like how the public is unfamiliar with PA's...I think unification should be looked into in order to strengthen our numbers and interests.
  10. well I have been doing something more stupid than sitting in a pinto at a stoplight with a prius in my rearview and that is surfiing on SDN...SOme of those "docs" (most of them are MS's) repeatedly post that this name change is trying to somehow follow suit to the DNP movement...DOH!!!
  11. Wow was that a violation on SDN? that's why I dont ever post on there. its like auschwitz or something... this is what their site says about deleting posts "Once you've posted on the site, it's there forever. We do not delete posts except in extreme cases. Even if we can remove a post that you regret posting, they are often permanently cataloged in sites like Google or the Internet Archive." I guess a letter to call PA's Physician Associate is considered EXTREME!!! wow we are a bunch of rabble-rousers!!!
  12. ^^ Fair enuff Doc!!! I hear ya. I dont think though that EVERY PA for the change is massaging their egos. I for one dont care about what i will be called either but definitely feel that the title of the profession is misleading and inaccurate and that is why i am for it. Titles dont mean squat to me. In the NAV I was a mere HA (E-2) when I started pulling the officer's flight status for giving them codeine cough syrup and 48hour SIQ chits :D but at least in the NAV corpsmen were well known for our function and purpose. I have a question for anyone else. Did the DNP mishmash "open up pract
  13. Hey Doc, First off I wanna say that i have seen your posts on this board for some time and have the utmost respect for you. I am an ex-corpsman (not at the caliber that you were of course). But I am wondering though, do you feel that a PA desiring a name change is more concerned about "title envy" at the cost of providing quality patient care? Why does a PA or a student who already provides or plans to provide high level care to their pts desiring a title change to better reflect their duties/function etc. bother you? Again I'm not tryin' to stir the $#!T just wondering because i ha
  14. I hope so cuz i did! and I emailed my ENTIRE class-and maybe some faculty- also...
  15. I would but all my notes are doodles of things that randomly enter my mind....LOL but seriously, you probably are better off just prereading or skimming the recommended texts of your program. Nothing really prepares you because it's the amount of info and the rate they cram it into you that is daunting. The info itself is not that difficult.
  16. I am not at all versed in legal things but how would amending just the name of the profession "open up practice acts?" Can they not just state "the tile 'Physician Assistant' will now be known as 'Physician Associate'" or something t that effect. I guess I cannot see how it would change or even alter practice acts. Don't other professions change their names all the time? i.e. Med Techs to Clin Lab Scientists, Respiratory technicians to Resp Therapists, Radiation Techs to therapists and so on.
  17. Just sent it out to Stanford PCAP C/O 2010!!! Don't give this up guys. Let us know what we can do to help!
  18. Hey EZE how've you been? Hows SMU treating you?

  19. Oh BTW, here are medical missions who are looking for PA's: http://www.medicalmissions.org/physician-assistant/ Google is your friend!
  20. Really, arent the MD's and DO's who go there also not licensed in those countries? I remember going on a mission where i was asked to suture a patient. I told the Doc, but i have no license to do that, he said with a wink "My license is not in this country either so we are in the same boat."
  21. ^ Emed beat me to it but if you are looking for a long term Christian medical mission, PM me. Joe
  22. I agree RC but isn't taking a social hx part of a complete hx and would this not be in a way "treating the whole pt?" I mean I guess I should ask them to quantify their statement next time it comes up.
  23. I told a family member of a pt of mine that I was going to start PA school in the fall. She happened to be a nurse. She said "So you only see patients as diseases???" I asked her what did she mean and she said "Well if you want to treat the whole patient you would be a NP." I told her jokingly that if I wanted to treat the WHOLE pt, I would be there for hours. She smirked and said "well nothing beats being a nurse." I just smiled and went back to work all the while in my head thinking "she actually believes this crap." I worked with NP's actually one wrote me an LOR, I never observed her
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