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  1. That's easy though, by NP's own definition, they do not practice "medicine"...
  2. https://www.newswise.com/articles/american-academy-of-dermatology-association-statement-on-physician-assistant-name-change
  3. I guess I am old as well ... WTH is a discord? And why are they walking on my lawn!?!
  4. I think you have to go to their annual retreat in the woods and sacrifice a Pre-PA to their carved wooden idol... Then you're in!
  5. Does it have to he a Bachelor's? You can get an MS from ATSU without a bachelor's still I think...
  6. Agree Bob about online CMEs! Since Sunday, I've already racked up 17.25 units from the conference in the comfort of my pajamas, or my skivvies... No one will ever know which!
  7. Saw this on a PA's page on LinkedIn reposting the AAPA post. It's already happening! One of the problems of "Physician XYZ" is that, for better or worse, we are always associated with physicians (now with the new name even more so I suppose ) but it's also super easy to say "Physician's Associate" uggh... At least I won't have to re-embroider my white coats winning!
  8. Theyre coming out of the woodwork... After thinking about it and sleeping on it, and talking to my wife and a couple of PA friends about our "new" title... Sigh... I'm still highly disappointed but have to move on. Looks like from all the social media posts, lots of PA-S and young PAs are ecstatic about the new title. I hope so. They will be stuck with it since I don't foresee another title change in the next decade or so. I hope they quickly realize though how toeing the "company line" and singing kumbaya with physicians have really gotten us nowhere the past several decades and
  9. I suppose this is a "win" and like Ventana 10 years ago I would have been ecstatic but this feels like a whole lot of squeeze for not much juice... I still see our "new" title giving an opening for lawmakers etc from preventing FPAR. We may get modified OTP laws like we have been doing for the past few years but is "Just OTP" what we are after? Are we really going to not pursue FPAR? I was hoping title change (MCP) - >OTP->FPAR/Graduated Independence (like in Utah)... But i guess we will continue ASSociation with our Physician demigods overseers... Ooops I mean "associates" and keep gett
  10. I did my BLS but it was only good for 4 units. Don't need ACLS or Pals in my current job.
  11. No not anymore. I left a large system that had it for a 2 provider private practice (read:poor ) . We don't have UTD. I've been doing the JAAPA, medscape, freecme.com etc and was able to get 25 credits but I need 25 credits more and the fastest way for me in the past was to attend a conference and do as many CME units I can. But since many conferences were shutdown last year I couldn't (and I was a little lazy I admit )
  12. I know it's hella pricey... I did it for the CMEs but now I think I paid way too much... I was in a panic after not getting many Class I credits last year and this is the end of my 2 years
  13. I think they vote on Monday... Plenty of time for back alley dealings
  14. Having a hard time keeping up what "Pro" and "Con" actually means on these resolutions I'm dense... I know... Hahahah Edit: OK... Pro to the doctorate resolution right now means they are against "Entry Level" doctorates but not to oppose tracks for doctorates.
  15. Oh Ok...I just jumped in an hour ago...had patients all day. I can stay on another half hour.
  16. They moved on. Now talking about Doctorate as entry level degree...
  17. The PA-S that has been pro MCP all this time is my hero!
  18. One guy just gave an impassioned testimony that Associate is "in our DNA" then went on about how comparing us to NPs is detrimental :facepalm: Seriously dude? theyre kicking our assess in the job market! But calling us practitioners is bad because of that...man...I think they will kill the resolution lots of con testimony but if it passes, MCP is out...just my opinion.
  19. On the HOD now...Lots of old heads loving Physician Associate for all the repeated reasons... Ihave heard one person testify about MCP being favored in NY after previously being least favored 4 weeks prior. So, after consideration many PAs favored MCP after previously favoring Physician Associate ( I being one of them) and that person brought up potential AAPA income loss due to drop in membership due to frustration from PAs if AAPA does not act on this ...I definitely will drop membership if they again fail us...
  20. A hah... But can Happiness... Buy you money???
  21. For a PA... You can't beat Utah right now!
  22. I got no answers back either and one of them I know relatively well. I didn't hesitate when she asked me to precept a student in the program she's a director of... Yeah... Can't wait till rotations open and she asks me again.
  23. Unfortunately 2 weeks would too late since the HOD meeting on title change is May 20 next Friday. I don't know if PAFT will offer testimony in favor of "ASSociate" but they most likely won't offer testimony pro "MCP". I signed up for the meeting but couldn't clear my schedule at work so I'm gonna be waiting for the results but man this makes me sick and I can't believe we did all this for a whole Lotta nuthin. If ASSociate is our new name... I'm gonna take my AAPA and PAFT and CAPA dues and my 401k all out and buy cardano with it and hope to retire in less than 5 years. PAs
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