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  1. That's too bad - yeah I'm not tremendously well versed in CRNA pre-requisites, but I had heard at one point that some sort of prior ICU RN experience was needed and have run into a few RNs in the ICU where I'm at who are looking to pursue CRNA training eventually. Definitely some overlap there into the OR for sure.
  2. It has been a while since logging on to the PA forum, and I couldn't believe that this was a thread because it's a topic that I had wondered about as well. Having said that, I tremendously appreciate this discussion. I'm currently finishing up my 2nd year of anesthesia residency at a major academic institution. We do have EM PA residents rotate a few weeks with us getting their hands dirty with intubations and lines peri-operatively which is really great to see. I would have to think how one might formulate a curriculum for this, but a 12-18 month training period I concur that it would be
  3. thanks so much both! i hope to be able to do well these next few years, eventually work in an academic setting, and also get into PA and medical education... perhaps work on this PA to MD/DO bridge now having gone through both.
  4. I did - after much thought, I made the switch from EM to anesthesia. Will be headed to Johns Hopkins for anesthesia with a short stop at Highland Hospital in Alameda, CA for my preliminary medicine year.
  5. Just graduating from the LECOM APAP program at the end of this month - I would echo pretty much everything DannyPADO took the time to write, especially the bit about being at a relative disadvantage when it comes to networking and audition rotations leading up to residency applications. If the goal is to get into an extremely competitive residency, it is a steep uphill battle. It isn't as much of an issue for those who are planning to go into some of the less competitive specialties. In terms of Step 1 preparation, also keep in mind that PAs in clinical practice, especially those who have
  6. i'm a humbled member of this year's incoming class... hoping to follow in the steps of primadonna. don't think that i can offer much insight at this point other than about the application process.
  7. Food for thought regarding lido w/epi in digits: http://bestbets.org/bets/bet.php?id=1212 http://www.cjem-online.ca/v5/n4/p245 http://www.asra.com/Newsletters/may-2011.pdf Regarding time frame for wound closures: http://emj.bmj.com/content/31/2/96.full.pdf+html
  8. very true. many were able to get offers from sites that they rotated through during the clinical year... which i'm sure is a common occurrence. adam, hope all is well with you and all the SJVC crew! thanks as always for your service for us PAs in CA.
  9. a colleague of mine grabbed me yesterday to point out someone with bell's phenomenon. i wasn't too familiar with the patient history or the story behind it, but it sounded like it may have been in conjunction with findings c/w bell's palsy on the particular guy. nonetheless, i looked into it more once i got home, and i've only read info that it's not necessarily pathognomonic sign for anything, is a normal defense mechanism, sometimes associated with G-B as a result of weakness in the orbicularis muscle. any other experiences with this finding? HEENT folks? :)
  10. first as well too, to echo zeus' message... thanks for supporting CAPA. in terms of new grad positions, they're out there in the bay area, but by no means are they falling off trees. i was able to find an EM position, and my fellow classmates have found placements IM (cardiology, endocrinology), EM, OB/GYN, pediatric surgery, dermatology, and orthopedics. when i was doing my search, i checked listings on the CAPA website, AAPA website, SFBAPA site, some EM physician groups (CEP, VEP, EmCare) that staff local facilities, and also craigslist. in my experience as well, you should try to a
  11. chose to do a presentation on the alvarado score during my 2nd year to review its efficacy as a risk stratification tool for appys. pretty interesting, but its success appears to be largely dependent on the circumstances during which it is applied.
  12. Many thanks to those who wrote the Today Show regarding this issue. I also submitted the following: To the Today Show: I became aware of the segment this morning by Dr. Synderman offering insight towards choosing primary care physicians, and was gravely disturbed and disappointed by the misrepresentation of physician assistants by the NBC News Chief Medical Correspondent. Physician assistants (not "physician's assistants") prescribe medication in ALL fifty states, including controlled substances. Furthermore, the majority of physician assistants practice as primary care providers i
  13. Hey eze8923,


    I will be done with PA school at Midwestern-Glendale, AZ this August and will be returning home to the bay. I would like to work in EM and have considered EMCare, California Emergency Physicians, and Team Health. Have you had any experience with any of these companies? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  14. they typically come back thursday morning. you'll get an e-mail saying that your scores are up and will provide a link to login to the NCCPA website. i got mine at 0600 on thursday morning, and classmates vacationing in hawaii got theirs around 0400... so i would presume that they go up around 0900 EST. best of luck!
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