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  1. Thank you SO MUCH everyone for all the information and advice! After a talk with the husband we've decided to expand the search to Washington and relocate if I'm successful there. It's so comforting to hear from people who know what they're talking about when we know no one here, so thank you all again!
  2. Thank you so much everybody, so much quick advice! It sounds like I'm on the right track so far. I've seen all the postings and practices you have all mentioned so far. I just haven't gotten any phone calls or emails returned, and no leads on applications (even after I've called for follow up... :-| ) I'll start studying the map and find practices in all the small towns around, I'm not at all opposed to that. @primadonna--We ended up in Salem because it's my husband's turn to go to school/work where he wants, and he wants the Oregon wine industry. I went to PA school in Arizona where there were maybe over 100 jobs, I want to kick myself, but there was nothing for my husband in Arizona. @meaux--About licensing, I'm not sure if that's an OR thing or not, but the application asks for your supervising doc and their license number, a scope of practice description from them and a questionnaire from them if they've never had a PA before. I've got the rest of the documentation ready and I don't have the extra cash for the fee, so I've got everything done I can do for now :-| My other question--Is it appropriate to go "door-to-door" to practices and HR offices with CVs?
  3. Hi all, I've just moved to Oregon (Salem area) and know no one. I'm a new graduate, already certified and ready to apply for a license as soon as I have a supervising physician. I've applied for, called about and cold-called over 20 prospective job openings, private-practices and large groups within a 40 mile radius. The only phone call I've received back was the Salem Clinic returning my call very nicely to say they are not hiring PAs. I even joined OSPA to see if there were any helpful resources there. I'm getting the impression that Oregon might like NPs quite a bit better than PAs. I'm becoming very frustrated and wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what to do next. I'm not picky at all about what area I find work in at this point... I'm just very excited to start! I'd appreciate any good information!
  4. This is a cool thread! I wish I had seen it when I was in the application process! Undergrad Ed School: Truman State University, Kirksville, MO Cumulative Undergrad. GPA (at time of application): 3.62 Science Undergrad. GPA (at time of application): 3.7 ? Age at application time : 21 GRE: Verbal 580, Quant 620, Total 1200 Direct Patient Care: Volunteer Houston, TX ER- 60 hours Volunteer Kirksville, MO ER- 50 hours CNA @ Long Term Care Facility- part time, two months (summer) *Took the certification class that summer as well to become CNA Extracurriculars: Beta Beta Beta, National Biology Honor Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity Student Ambassadors, Campus Tour Guide Shadowing: Internal Medicine PA - 1 day Rural Clinic GP PA - something like 10 days Schools Applied: Arizona School of Health Sciences, Midwestern University (Glendale), University of Toledo, UTMB, UNT, UT Southwestern, Baylor *My state of residence at the time of applying was Texas* Application Submitted Date: September 15th-ish, 2007 Schools Received Application Date: don't know... shortly after deadline Interview Invites: Arizona School of Health Sciences, University of Toledo, Midwestern University Denied: UT Southwestern, Univ. North Texas, UTMB, Baylor Withdrew Application: 0 Wait-listed: Midwestern Accepted: University of Toledo, Arizona School of Health Sciences (A.T. Still) Attending: A.T. Still, my dream school! :) Advice to applicants: If you have questions about programs, call and ask for answers! Impressions you get from them (and they get from you) on the phone and when you meet them in person are probably important. Apply to the schools you're interested in, but keep in mind which programs you are qualified for... for example, I didn't apply to places that wanted 1000+ hours of patient care experience. Different schools have different philosophies on who will make the best students and PAs. Good luck!
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