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  1. sillycibin, I do appreciate your concern, and I am aware of this. I have been volunteering and doing CME work, trying to do what I could during this time. All I can say is it was a difficult situation.
  2. Ventana~ what you said is something that has been in the back of my mind too. Especially because I do think it would be a great place for experience and learning. However, I don't think this position would be one with a possibility of starting without a contract. They were very sure they wanted to hire someone who they felt would stay with them for a while (hence, the 3 year contract?). I am meeting with the PA tomorrow, so I will see how it goes. I would love a residency, but those I could apply to now wouldn't even start until the early winter/spring.
  3. Thank you for all your input and advise. That's the feeling I had, just needed some confirmation. I'm glad I have other interviews at the same time, so I know there are other opportunities. I may be meeting with one of the PAs in the practice, but I'm pretty sure of the direction this is going. Thanks again!
  4. I know this is not a good offer, but I want to know if it's worth neogtiating or too far off the mark. I graduated a year ago, but have not worked yet as a PA due some family issues. I wish this had not been the case but it is what is. Due to this, I am aware that I am undervaluing myself because I have not been in the clinical setting for a while. I had my first interview at a family practice in a small community in NE Pennsylvania. I really like the office and the community it serves. I think the position would be great for experience, but I don't know that they value the PA as they should. It's a Physician owned practice with one other Physician on staff and 2 PAs. The practice has been owned for <10 years. The buiding is owned by the managing physician and is leased out by a local hospital for specialists to have access to the area. The building is also a Quest draw site and has a radiology service and pharmacy on site. The physician states she has 18 people on staff. I received an offer at the interview for $70,000 (I had stated 80K and was told this was the top end for a new grad in the area, which I have seen in one survey somewhere, but that was the only one). It was also reinforced that as a new grad there is no profitability over the first year. (the physician's husband was in the interview because he is the IT guy/numbers guy/helps with management, etc.) Contract is for 3 years. Performance review after first 90days, but no mention of review or contract negotiation in the contract. 40hr/week. 1 saturday every 3-4 weeks with a comp day the week before. Would not work Sat until MD comfortable with me on my own. Call for one week a month for reassurance but they said you dont get a lot of calls. Not expected to take call immediately. I would have to use my own cell phone. Expected to be up to 20-25pts/day after ~3-6 months or when we both feel comfortable. No healthcare coverage. I negotiated to have them cover my premium. After reading the contract it states UP TO $300. I am paying for my own currently and have a high deductible. Was hoping to have a better situation with a job and something to offer the family. 10 PTO, 3 sick/personal days, 6 federal holidays. NO rollover. $800 for CME and no time off for CME. I negotiated 3 days. I have been involved in AAPA HOD and would like to continue this, but this makes it a little difficult. They stated they cover malpractice, but there is no mention in the contract. So I don't even know what or if it covers tail. 401K with matching after 1 year. I asked about professional/licensing/DEA fees and they stated that could be submitted and reimbursed, but again not in the contract, so I don't know to what amount. I know the things that are not in the contract need to be included. This was my first interview, first offer, first contract, so I did not cover all the questions I had up front as I was not prepared for the offer. I did not read the contract until I left. I do have 3 maybe 5 more interviews in the next 2 weeks. Any thoughts? Advice? Thank you!
  5. If these are still being sent, especially new ones, I would really appreciate it! spw6270@lhup.edu
  6. From the source. The girl who got in and was #19 told me.:;)):
  7. I heard of someone getting in who was #19 last year. I think they will tell you your spot if you contact the school.
  8. Hi Dave, A lot of people have responded to you and I have not read through all of the responses, so I apologize if anything I say is redundant. Becoming a PA is possible for you, but you still have some work to do (and I do realize that you have worked hard already). When your GPA is not strong ADCOMs (those that will still look at your GPA) look at the most recent courses, most relevant courses, and upward trends. Some schools require that you achieve a B or better in your prerequisite courses. I think you should re-take those pre-reqs that are lower than a B. Not only will this improve your overall GPA, but it will show your commitment. It is important to do well in your prerequisite courses! Your HCE, GRE, and life experiences show great potential, and it sounds like you should be able to have good recommendations as well. Also, I don't really understand your reasoning for not pursuing some type of medical masters in the meantime. This will not necessarily delay you going into PA school until you have completed it. You can start the program and, if you do well, show a program your potential in graduate course work and be accepted. Additionally, even if you completed a Master's before entering PA school, you would still be finished before Med school and a residency. It does take time to do the research to see what schools you will have the best chance of being admitted to, but it's worth the time and may save you money as well. Some schools won't look at you at all if you don't meet a GPA requirement of a 3.0 in both the CASPA GPA and the Science GPA. Some schools say that a 3.0 is required, but look at your entire application before making that cut. If this is what you really want to do, the time is worth it. At 32 I was accepted to a top 25 school (I know it's said that the rankings don't mean much, but I like the sound of it). I graduated from college in 2003 with a 2.75 GPA. My low GPA was due to some personal/medical issues I had that spanned over about 4 semesters. I have worked for last 5 years to improve my GPA, but my CASPA GPA still calculates at a 2.73. However, my sciences and prerequisites are 3.7. I have worked in a Children's Hospital for the past 4 years and have gained experience with phlebotomy, OR procedures, patient consults, taking medical histories, clinical research, and psychological interviews and evaluations. Before that I worked at another hospital in nicotine research. My GRE scores are above average, but yours are better. I thought I may never get in, but I did. And the kicker is that I still have to complete a class before my acceptance is "official". They like me enough and saw enough potential in me to give me acceptance while I am still completing one of their prerequisites. You can do it, you just have to show your commitment and potential. Use what you have learned through the years in your PS to demonstrate how you have grown and your maturity. Show that you have and you are willing to sacrifice. Show that you have what it takes to get through the rigorous coursework you will face once you are in school. Believe that you can do it! Best of luck!
  9. I interviewed on Friday 2/10 9am. I received a call last Tuesday.
  10. Hello~ Congratulations to those who have been accepted! I just wanted to start to help some of us meet eachother, figure out where to live, and anything else. I will be starting at the main campus in May (conditionally - I have to complete a class). I am coming from the Philadelphia area. I'm very excited to start this next "chapter" in my life. Does anyone know if there is a facebook page that has been started? I would like to start one if not. Good luck to those of you who are still waiting to hear or on the waitlist! Sarah
  11. Hey everyone! I interviewed on the 5th. I really like this program as well. Congrats to all of you that have heard about acceptance! I am crossing my fingers and hoping I hear something good. It is a great school!
  12. That's not true! For most programs, if you submit the CASPA tonight by 11:59pm, you're fine, but don't wait that long because the transaction may not go through right away. Some programs do want to receive your CASPA app by the deadline, but most just want you to have submitted. Once the clock changes to 12:00am, CASPA won't allow you to submit to any OCT 1 deadlines. Good Luck!
  13. I am interviewing Friday at 7:30. Will anyone here be interviewing at that time?
  14. Hi Sarah,


    Wondering if you have heard anything from any schools yet. Anything?

  15. Hi - I was wondering if you have heard anything yet? I am in a similar situation. I have gotten 2 rejections and some secondaries, but nothing beyond that. I almost don't want to get into some of the schools, now that I have not gotten into the schools I really wanted to go to. I would almost wait to apply again next year. Let me know how you're doing - oh yeah, my name's Sarah...

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