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  1. hey, it's really neat to come across another msw that went the pa route. have you been able to integrate your two degrees? or have your msw experiences enabled you to be a better pa? did you have any other clinical experiences?


    sorry to bombard you with questions, but i'm about to graduate from my msw program next month and start pa school in august and i'm really curious what the possibilities are.




  2. wow! it's so cool to find another person who took the social worker/pa path. it is a long and interesting road. i'm about to graduate with my msw and start pa school in august at ecu. i'm interested in integrating the two, and i'm thinking behavioral health, but my passion is hiv. any suggestions?

  3. A twist on this question is, "Describe a time in your professional life where you felt like you were criticized unfairly. How did you handle yourself?" This was one of the hardest questions I had to answer on the spot during my PA interview, but I felt really good about my response. How would you answer?
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