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  1. I declined the offer. They're not budging on the counter. I'm keeping my hopes up about staying the program and finding a Peds position. Only other peds offer so far was part time, 20 hours p / week and $65 per hour. No bennies, non NHSC. Looks dim in Florida. Thanks for the input
  2. I know. But I'm in the NHSC and trying to stay in the program. I also have family here which really helps since my kids are so young. The market is so saturated.
  3. Hey everyone! I'd like some input on this peds offer in Florida Salary: $77500 Schedule: M-F 9-5 (off every other Thursday w/ on every other Saturday - half day) Volume: Up to 30 p/day PTO: 15 days (national holidays not included) Malpractice: 250/750 no tail CME: 1200 p/year Health insurance: covered for the family Other bennies: NHSC member, autonomy (sole provider in office w/ phone contact w/ MD) Non compete: 10 mile radius Retirement: still waiting for bennies on 401K
  4. I just took the PANRE on Monday and got my results today that I passed. I used the following to prep: 1. Pance Prep Pearls by Dwayne Williams- Its new, up to date and easy to follow. 2. PANCE/PANRE Questions - also by Dwayne Williams - challenging but applicable 3. John Belinski / HippoPA / USMLE / Podcast by Brian Wallace - video / audio lectures to supplement my reading Prepped for 3 months, almost daily during my lunch breaks, after the kids were in bed, listening in the car - where ever I could fit in study time. Mind you I work full time in pediatrics and married with three small boys 5 and under. I passed with a considerable margin and top percentiles for all of my subject areas. I don't see many people mentioning the Dwayne Williams books but I thought they were phenomenal. Good luck to everyone studying and awaiting scores.
  5. I have an MPH also. I did the program prior to PA school. While it did boost my application for PA school, it did nothing more. I plan to use it later in my career since I have plans on returning to the Public Health sector once I feel like I'm done with clinical practice.
  6. It wasn't overt but the undertones were there. No worries though.
  7. Does anyone use this program? When I mention it to others outside of our practice no one knows about it. If you do use the program, what has been your experience? Thanks for responses!
  8. I didn't say he was being racist. I said it was a slight encounter. My point was, even though I was dressed in business attire I was still mistaken for as something for less than my position. If I had on scrubs I totally get it.
  9. I'm in the NHSC. I started my contract July 2013. Your salary should not be lowered due to NHSC funds. I believe this is stated in the welcome package / paperwork. I'm paid a competitive rate for my specialty (peds). The money is given to you directly (if you qualify and are awarded)via direct deposit. Your job just has to continue to qualify as a site and complete site verification every 6 months for you. If you have any other questions, send me a message.
  10. Let it be your opportunity to assist in change! As a black female PA, I've only had one slight encounter in the 3 years I have been working. We had a pharm rep come in asking for the PA on duty. When I told him (an older white male) it was me his response was, "Oh, YOU! Really? I thought your were a medical assistant!" And he laughed. Granted I did not have on my white coat, I was dressed in business attire. I couldn't really entertain much of his conversation after that. Overall, I've had great experiences from all across the rainbow!
  11. I've been a preceptor for both NP and PA students. I've had great and not so great students. But with the NP students, evaluations were done by the MD or NP, not me. However, the evals were collaborative effort on the performance of the students and my input was used. Sometimes the NP students would chose to follow me over the NP. Funny thing though, one NP student stopped coming in on my schedule because she said I was "too hard with questioning her clinical skills". When I would ask her to present a patient, she'd say "I think he has a cold". Um no! I asked her if she had learned how to present patients, develop differentials, assessment and plans, etc. She was about to cry.
  12. I was awarded last year. I was notified end of July / early August. My contact date was 7/31/13. I got my award late September.
  13. I've been in pediatric practice since 2012. Florida no longer required co-signatures as of 2009. However, one insurance company spoke with my SP about a week ago stating according to Florida legistlation 64B8-30.012 PAs are required to have co-signatures. Now fast forward two days later when I was notified of this. I researched the referenced legistlation, WHICH DOES NOT EVEN MENTION CO-SIGNATURES and it states clearly on the website the we are not required to have charts co-signed within 7 days! Basically I informed my SP that the information given was incorrect, showed them the correct legistlation and gave them a record of everything. Far as my SP knew, we didnt need co-signs and the SP thought that the insurance company was giving new legislation info. Now, should I go forward and contact the company to inform them not only are we not required to have co-sign, but also your literature on the subject that this being distributed to your providers is incorrect. You advice is really appreciated, thanks!
  14. I got my notification by email. I called earlier this week too. They said to just keep checking your email. I'm ecstatic! With having 6 month old twins, a two year old and working full time it's been kind of tight. This was truly a blessing.
  15. Hey Everyone! I just got my award notice today for the loan repayment program! Anyone else?
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