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  1. Thanks for your insight and perspective! It's really insane. The cost of college has risen far more dramatically than the actual cost of living and the commensurate wage increases. It's really sad. Good luck getting the NHSC grant!! That would be so great. I have a friend who did that and it helped a LOT. There are a lot of rural hospitals that offer their own repayment programs, too (usually much smaller than the NHSC, but it's still something!)
  2. OK, let me be really clear: I do not expect, did not say, and did not imply that I thought you (personally, or the collective "you" via the government) should pay for the debt I have accrued due to the decisions I've made. You used one paragraph and kinda' ran with it. If you'd like to discuss things further, let's do it. I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, such as the cost to become a teacher compared to the actual pay. The cost to become a PCP compared to the actual pay. The cost to do any sort of public service work compared to the actual pay. I do not expect anyone to pay my student loans, but it sure would be nice if: 1: The interest rates on student loans weren't so high (currently >6%, which is more than 6 times the interest rate on my old auto-loan.) Or perhaps they should not accrue interest while people are in school (FYI: a vast majority of my actual loan - as well as many people's loans - is the result of interest that became principle and is now being used to calculate more interest.) Currently, only subsidized loans are interest-free while students are enrolled. What's wrong with making all student-loans interest-free for the duration of your undergraduate education, accruing interest only after you graduate (and presumably become employed)? Is that a terrible idea that you would equate with the government "saving" people from the decisions they've made? Or is that simply investing in our youth and the future of this country, given them a bit of a start to help out? 2: Why not offer some sort of forgiveness in exchange for volunteerism? It doesn't even have to be a lot of student-loan forgiveness, but dear-god, there are enough people in this country who need healthcare. Expand the NHSC so more sites are eligible, or offer a small break for people who volunteer at free-clinics, etc. Would that be so bad? Would a few thousand dollars a year destroy our entire economy? Would you view that as the government bailing us out? 3: Make student-loan education and entrance counseling more detailed, comprehensive, or not just some stupid online questionnaire that you fill out (entrance counseling was not even done when I first entered undergrad, btw.) Require an actual seminar before agreeing to the loan, or require a meeting with a financial counselor (not a financial aid administrator but and actual financial counselor.) Many students truly don't know what they're getting into. It's a confusing mess, particularly for those of us who are first-generation college students, working full-time, and trying to pay our own way but need the student loan for tuition because we'd like to get an education. THESE are some of the things I'd like to see happen. Please do not assume that when I say I'd like to see more options for people with student loans (particularly who work in things such as healthcare, education, public service, etc), it means I expect YOU (via taxes) to pay for it. I know what decisions I've made. I may not like the size of my debt and I'd make some changes, yes, but to assume I expected a free-ride was a pretty big leap.
  3. I'm right there with you. I'm terrified for the future of our profession. What's worse, is that a lot of us don't seem to even know what OTP is. Basically: in addition to deciding to change the name, we have to decide WHAT to change it to, AND engage our colleagues (and non-PA colleagues) to learn about and support OTP. It's an uphill battle. It wouldn't be quite so uphill if more PAs got involved. How do we motivate them? How do we convince people that just because they may have a good job and a great relationship with their collaborating physician, they still need to help move our profession forward? Personally, I think the NPs might start to face issues, too. I know a lot of NPs who do not support the direct-entry programs that are popping up and have seen problems with their graduates not being trained as thoroughly (and not having really developed their gut-instinct yet.... y'know, that little nagging feeling that a perfectly-healthy looking patient is about to crump and is usually correct.) I think as more of these grads enter the workforce, we're going to see the differences in training more obviously.
  4. OK gang, I see a few problems with a name change: 1- We can't seem to get the AAPA to even propose it 2 - We can't all agree on what it should be NPs have APRN, NP, FNP, WHNP, etc, etc... many different titles that all lead to "NP." Personally, I'm in STRONG favor of Medical Practitioner. This was something that was also suggested by my wife, who is not in the medical biz at all. She was coming at it from strictly a patient's perspective. NPs practicing nursing. MPs practice medicine. Simple as that. HOWEVER, I will support just about anything that is not "Physician Assistant." Funny side note: My NP colleague (a new grad) studies PANCE and PANRE review courses because, as he states "PAs have a better eduction." We were chatting about this one day and he said "you guys REALLY need a name change! Your title sucks." (This was in a very supportive, "I think PAs are awesome and deserve better recognition" sort of way.) So there's perspective from a patient and an NP. Name change now. I don't care what it is at this point. :)
  5. I recently joined the PAs for OTP group and really like it. It's nice to have the transparency and the memes they post contain info about your state delegates, state chapter, etc and encourage us to get involved (something that, frankly, we could learn from the NPs.) I'm growing more concerned that OTP will just fizzle out, or that this new resolution proposed by TX, VA, and RI will pass, essentially gutting the heart of it.
  6. Same here... All total, I owe $360k right now. This includes undergrad, PA school (private school, ugh), and I'm currently adding to it by working on my DHSc. We life in SF with a famously high COL but will be moving back home this summer to significantly cut costs while my wife goes to nursing school. After that, we're going to low-lay in rural, ow COL areas for awhile. Someplace where her salary could pay our bills while mine goes strictly to my student loan. An ideal scenario would also involve getting an NHSC gig or finding a hospital / clinic that offers their own form of loan repayment program. I basically just keep hoping that somewhere along the line, our gov't will see the major issue with the student loan debt in this country and will do something about it (cap interest rates, offer better options for loan forgiveness, allow it to be discharged, anything... really, anything...)
  7. Hi gang! We're running into some comp structure issues at my company and while the AAPA report can be helpful, I'm not sure how truly reflective it is of our pay. If any of you wouldn't mind, we'd appreciate any input you have to offer regarding your comp! Link is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8fdawO01-YL2G98-lb0rvwog2uLW6z8WeMJWQR9syQwU9Mg/viewform thank you thank you thank you! Sarah
  8. Sarahava

    NYS laws

    Hey gang! i'm going to be doing some telemed work in NYS and haven't practiced there in 5 years (my registration / license is UTD.) Do we need to file our supervising agreement with the state or not? We don't have to do that in CA, but I can't remember in NY. thanks in advance! sarah
  9. This. THIS is why we need OTP. I've written to them twice and the article is still incorrect. "Because physician assistants have to work in sync with a qualified physician, the number of hours they work is more closely related to that of their supervising physician." https://www.gapmedics.com/blog/2013/12/23/what-s-the-difference-between-a-physician-assistant-and-a-nurse-practitioner-and-what-should-you-choose/ That's not even the most offensive part about the article. Even worse is that there's a more recent article on nursejournal.org that cites the gapmedic article and perpetuates the idea that we've got a doc looking over our shoulders while NPs are running the show. https://nursejournal.org/nurse-practitioner/np-vs-physician-assistants/?fb_comment_id=fbc_753113418123707_1235453736556337_1235453736556337 **posting on multiple spots so we can hopefully get these things corrected
  10. Hi AbeTheBabe, Is this a Hill's Physicians problem? I work in the Bay Area and have the same issue. They require an MD or DO to sign referrals for PT. PAs and NPs can't do it, nor can we be listed as the PCP. It's ridiculous. It's the only insurance co. my practice has had issues with.
  11. Hi gang! My wife and I are thinking of moving to NV next year and I can't seem to find any solid info on practice laws. They seem to be favorable overall but it's important to me to maintain a decent scope of practice. Background: I'm a supporter of OTP (actually, I was a supporter of FPAR), I currently work in CA (not the best state for PA practice, but not the worst), and have worked in NY and VT (which were both great with respect to practice laws.) Can anyone provide insight, specifically around things like co-signature, "supervision" and general climate toward PAs? In CA, we also have to list our collaborating physician's name on every chart we touch and every Rx we right. Is this the same in NV? Thanks!
  12. Sarahava

    CA PA laws

    Unfortunately, I didn't. I had to fly back home due to a death in the family. I'm in NoCal, so I'm planning on doing CAPA in Napa next year. How was it? Any updates?
  13. Sarahava

    CA PA laws

    Hi all - Is anyone here active with CAPA or with working to improve the practice laws in CA? I know we had some improvements last year but some are still a bit archaic. I'd like to find some like-minded folks so we can work to drive this forward.
  14. Totally agree! We've learned this, too, from the online NP programs. In my practice alone, we've had to let go of 3 in the past year who had either "direct-entry" training (IE: they didn't practice as nurses first) or did the online-NP programs. This is just anecdotal, and I am NOT bashing NPs (some of my closest friends and most knowledgeable colleagues are NPs), but I am saying that we need to maintain a training method we can be proud of. And beyond that, adding more PA programs before giving us a greater scope of practice may really be shooting ourselves in the foot. We could end up with a lot of new grads working for lower pay, willing to do work that doesn't fully utilize their skills and knowledge. If we allow for collaboration or even independent practice (for those who have expensive experience), then suddenly we have a potentially great solution to our healthcare - and especially our primary care - crisis.
  15. Thanks so much EMED! I feel like I've seen enough other orgs that take PAs, that there are still options. A colleague of mine actually created her own clinic in Ethiopia that she travels to twice a year. (If anyone ever wants the info, PM me and I'll send you the link!) On a side note - are you still in the Nova program? I haven't been on the forum in awhile but recall you were doing the DHSc. I'm ~1/3 of the way through the ATSU program for DHSc in Global Health. :)
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