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  1. just checking in to see how school is going?

  2. My stats are pretty mediocre: 3.3 overall, 3.4 science, and I think a 3.6 prerequisite gpa. I got 590/640 on the gre, with 4.0 (i think) on the writing. But, I did this while I juggled a full-time job as a firefighter/ paramedic, a part-time job at a radiology clinic, and all the responsibilities that come with being a father to a five-year old boy and a husband to a second-year PT student. Whew, i'm gonna go take a nap now.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a great one to say the least. All is going good here, got good news from both UNT and UTHSCSA. Gotta whole lot of figuring to do in the next week or so. Very tough decision. How is it going for you?

  4. ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!! sorry, I couldn't contain myself. i haven't been this genuinely excited about something since the birth of my son.
  5. Hey,

    Happy Birthday(a day late)!! Hope all is well. So, have you heard anything from any of the programs....Accepted??

  6. Seriously, I appreciate the concern; but, spare me your sage advice regarding my 'tude'. I've been around the block a time or two, and my candor hasn't failed me yet ;). Now, I told you I respect your decision, but your anecdotal, opinion-based comparison was unnecessary and unsolicited. Please feel free to PM me if you wish to continue this discussion.
  7. And unless you've attended both programs, it appears obvious that you aren't qualified to make such a statement.
  8. We all respect your decision; however, the tone you convey in your posts smacks of advertising. Why are you posting here if you are already a student?
  9. My last interview was at 3pm, so it might be safe to schedule the 6:30 flight. Good luck with your interview.
  10. sorry i didn't put the smiley face thingee in there to indicate that i was being sarcastic.
  11. Never trust anything you read on the web. Statistics can be manipulated.
  12. i'm pretty sure they don't admit anybody over 23, at least that's what i heard.
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