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  1. I am seriously considering applying to the NHSC but have a few questions/reservations. I'm hoping someone can give me a few answers. 1. Overall, how has the experience been working with the NHSC? Are there any strings attached or sketchy things that came up that weren't apparent when initially signing up? 2. Is there a possibility that I may end up working somewhere and NEVER receive the loan repayment? 3. What must a site score be to more likely receive repayment? i.e. is 10-20 good enough? 4. Are salary and benefits provided by the site itself or the federal government? I'm assuming the site itself and thus these things vary? (I understand that if the site is say a federal prison, then the salary/benes are provided by the feds) Thanks for any answers/insight you can give me! I really just would like some extra info from those who have gone through the process!
  2. So I took the PANCE on Monday 8/30. My score should be available tomorrow. I'm anxious about it and I was hoping I could get a little feedback/support. When I finished the test, I didn't feel good about it, and I didn't feel bad about it. Looking back, I feel there's no way I failed it, but I'm still freaking out. Does everyone else feel like this? I know there's nothing to worry about; I did very well in school. I feel like my program prepared us. I used ExamMaster, the new AAPA/PAEA book and Lange yellow book. Our program also had a week of board reviews (taught by us) just before graduation (8/21). I've heard everyone feels this way! Is that true?
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