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  1. One complained that she didn't like my hair. In that area, if your hair isn't at least 2-3 different colors with at least 2-3 feet of height, you're basically the devil. I apparently failed that test. And yes, the idiot administrators made a big frickin deal about it. On her side, not mine.
  2. eighthnote24

    Well it finally happened here...

    Well, @sas5814, I mean, it looks like you don’t have to worry, actually, since their press release just says “such as nurse practitioners”....in typical fashion, PAs aren’t even mentioned....
  3. eighthnote24


    Interesting....If you are applying to more than one school that requires it, does it charge you an additional fee for each or just one fee that covers all? How much is the fee?
  4. eighthnote24

    Weirdest/funniest complaint

    Woman presented to the ER stating she shoved an entire bar of soap in her vagina after a fight with her boyfriend. I was too scared to ask what the fight was about.
  5. eighthnote24

    Weirdest/funniest complaint

    Guy presented to the ER after a raccoon bite to the lip. Was bitten because he had attempted to give the raccoon mouth to mouth and CPR because he believed it to be dying.
  6. I would be willing to bet that this is a widespread problem that preceptors are struggling with. I know at my program, we struggle with this type of entitled/gimme attitude constantly. I started here in the middle of a class that had already developed this behavior, but for the class starting soon, I plan to address this behavior before it starts. I wish we had more preceptors like yourself...unfortunately, many of them either don’t care or don’t understand that we need the students to be held to a higher standard. Don’t lower your expectations and feel free to let the program know your concerns.
  7. eighthnote24

    Hard eye roll.

    Well, I can't be too mad at the guy. Although Mittman still probably would have won (especially given the margin of victory), Mr. Anderson's behavior between that article and the Huddle certainly didn't help his preferred candidate....and for that I thank him.
  8. eighthnote24

    Hard eye roll.

    So where’s Catherine the huddle police on this one? 10 hours and this post, a thinly veiled attack on someone who did nothing to provoke it other than win an election, is allowed to stay up.
  9. eighthnote24

    Hard eye roll.

    Kris.... dead.
  10. eighthnote24

    Hard eye roll.

    Just posted on the huddle.
  11. eighthnote24


    Last telemedicine patient that I saw 3 days later in person had been diagnosed by the telemedicine doc with the flu - doc didn’t bother to acknowledge her dysuria and lack of respiratory symptoms, but was very interested in her body aches, back pain and fever. Oddly enough, no Rx for tamiflu, but was told to take 2000 mg of vitamin C daily (wtf?). I admitted her to the ICU with sepsis from pyelonephritis. That whole CVA tenderness thing, you know, hard to examine over the internet.
  12. eighthnote24

    NPs are killing us

    That's that particular healthcare system for you, Scott. Just be aware, rocking the boat gets you terminated there. I went to compliance and had some long discussions with the hospital lawyers over a dangerous MD, and next thing I knew, they had put completely fabricated stories about me in my employee file and said they no longer needed me as a PRN anymore. I had a case for retaliation easily, but I couldn't justify the $$$ and time for a lawyer since I'd already found other employment. I was happy to leave after 2 years of being treated like s$*t mainly because I am a PA. That system is NP happy, just like the rest of East Texas.
  13. eighthnote24

    PA teaching positions

    Everything that others have said above, I agree with. I personally have always wanted to be an educator, even when I was a PA student, and finally breaking into full time academia has been career, sanity and life saving for me. I've been severely burned out on clinical practice for years and now I finally feel like I'm doing something that matters. There is definitely a learning curve, but the things that bother others about academia just don't bother me, I guess. Now the stuff the program director, chair and dean have to deal with...the political stuff, schmoozing, that stuff....I'm not sure I'd be ok with that. Education definitely needs to be a calling for you. Not just an opportunity for a job, but something you feel like you need to do. Otherwise you may not find it rewarding enough.
  14. It's also your job not to promote dependence and to follow standard of care. Narcotics are not standard of care for headaches. Every ER provider everywhere should know this at this point. I'd be looking for another job and reporting that attending to your department chair and/or the hospital's compliance department.
  15. There are 2 in DFW. UTSW and UNT. Texas Tech is in Midland, not on the main campus in Lubbock. Baylor is in Houston and UTMB is in Galveston, and then there's San Antonio and UT-RGV and the Interservice program. As far as I know the PA programs in Texas haven't changed since I was applying 10 years ago. Some new ones have attempted and failed and dropped out of the process before getting provisional accreditation. Agreed, however, that DFW is nearing saturation with working PAs. Sadly, just a couple of hours east of DFW is a rural area in which PAs are desperately needed (4+ week waits just to see a PCP) and would flourish in, if the dinosaur administrators in the area would ever pull their heads out of their butts and start giving us a little respect there.

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