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  1. I ask the faculty to, whenever possible, use a book that is available from eBooks through our health center library. Many schools (?most; ?all) have access to textbooks and journals and databases (such as Up-to-Date and others) available through the school's library remote access, paid for through tuition dollars. Why pay for textbooks when you can access the same or similar books online? Just my passing thoughts. gatorPA
  2. I am not clear on what you are talking about in this case. As a PA educator, I have shared some of my lectures and material with other educators freely. This is not uncommon in PA education. I received a course in EBM from some well known PA educators and was given verbal and written permission from them to use any and all material freely in any presentations. Of course, I always note their names on the title slide. Have you mentioned your concerns with the person themselves? gatorPA
  3. Is this the Datachem you are looking for? http://www.certistep.com/index.asp?header=1&subheader=8
  4. <i>"I CANNOT WAIT 2 whole weeks for results."</i> 2 weeks can seem long. Image some of us more experienced PAs. I took the exam in mid-October and didn't get my results until late-January! gatorPA
  5. PAEA has this data in the latest annual report (2008-2009). Yoy can access the information here: http://www.paeaonline.org/index.php?ht=d/sp/i/243/pid/243 It would depend on the geographic location of the program, what position you fill, full-time vs. part-time, etc. Also, if you work in a surgical specialty or emergency medicine, faculty salaries will be lower than your clinical salary. YMMV. gatorPA
  6. If you are interested in emergency medicine, look at Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED Returns http://www.amazon.com/Bouncebacks-Emergency-Department-Cases-Returns/dp/1890018619/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1292162393&sr=1-10
  7. Hey Jim, Missed you in Baltimore. I still owe you a drink. gatorPA
  8. Megared, PAEA does not grant accreditation to PA programs; ARC-PA does. You didn't mention where you are going to school. Could you please add this to your message? Thanks in advance. gatorPA
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