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  1. So the HLRP (Health Loan Repayment Program) isn't funded by the states but the NGB. I looked at both the ANG and the Regular Army website and the dollar amounts for the special pay and loan reimbursement are no longer there. It may be that with the new financial landscape the $75K loan reimbursement is no longer available. I would check with both recruiters from both branches and find out what is still available
  2. dp11

    August BOLC

    I am going on the Guard course so I'm looking forward to having my weekends ruined. I leave August 1st so I don't have a lot of time left for any last minute advise if anyone has any
  3. I've been in the ANG for exactly one year and have had a great time. The reimbursement is much more significant in the ANG/Army Reserves than the other services. Also, if you're interested in line or infantry units the Guard is the way to go as there are no infantry units in the Army Reserves. Feel free to message me if you want and we can discuss the application process or what ever else you might want to know
  4. Glad to hear it. Look forward to seeing you around
  5. dp11

    August BOLC

    Hey all. Though I'd ask if anyone else is going to Army BOLC in August?
  6. Hi Leland-


    My name is Eric Scott, I'm pre-PA in Portland and looking for a chance to do some shadowing. Would you be willing to meet me and consider me as a candidate to shadow you? My contact information is ericreadtheworld@gmail.com. Phone: 503 317 8520


    A bit about me. My health background is decidedly non-traditional. Son of an army doctor who specialized in tropical medicine, virology, and immunology, I took "exotic" tropical diseases, medical research, and access to health care for granted. My connection to peoples of the developing world led me to work with international social justice organizations and alternative education for low-income and marginalized communities in the United States. Over the past 15 years I was responsible for the health and care of volunteer teams in Africa, South America, and Asia. I dealt with emergencies as well as health training and preventative health care. I also instituted community health and nutrition programs in under-served areas of rural Mozambique and Zimbabwe. My health experience has included working as the EMT/ Lead Guide for an expedition company in Costa Rica, and developing a non-profit organization in Portland (The Pangaea Project) through which I took charge of health and well-being for groups of low-income youth on journeys to developing countries (where they learned about social justice issues from a global perspective).


    In the last year I have re-focused my commitment to under-served populations to specifically addressing health needs, and with this goal, I have chosen to pursue the education I need to serve as a PA. I am currently working on my pre-requisites for a PA program and volunteering at the Vancouver Free Clinic as a nurse and Spanish interpreter.


    I would be very grateful for the chance to shadow you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you!



  7. shouldn't you be working?

  8. HM2 USN 8404 Naval Hospital Bremerton, Bremerton Wa MCB Camp Pendleton 1st BN, 1st Marines, 1st MARDIV BAS, Weapons Co (dragon plt), and H&S Co (STA plt) Two deployments 15th and 13th MEU SOC both on USS PELELIU
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