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  1. Depends on the state. I couldn't see from your profile where you are from, but some are reasonable if you are honest, others like mine will have a knee jerk reaction and most likely give you several years of monitoring by the board. I think it really comes down to your boards leadership ability and ability to think critically, not their desire to protect the holy grail of the PA license...
  2. I picked up quite a few of my out dated prerequisites at a community college and don't think it matters, but you need to make sure what you take is accepted by the schools you want to attend. Here in Texas, some community college classes will transfer and are equal to those taught at four year schools, but at other community colleges they are not. Texas has a sheet that we use to ensure a certain class, say microbiology, will transfer, so you can verify before you take it. The PA schools you are applying too should also have a list of the prerequisites and from which schools they will a
  3. This is all great news, however, and I hate to dampen the mood of this progress, how long will it be before David Fleeger has a tantrum and tries to reverse progress?
  4. Darwin, I have attached a link below that was an article he wrote for NPs. He has written basically the same article for PAs. One of his "end of year accomplishments" for 2019 published to the TMA was that he was able to stop something like 20+ bills in the Texas house that would have increased the scope of practice for non-physician providers, meaning PA's and NP's. I have tried, but can't seem to search the TMA website and come up with it and it's no longer in my emails from their alerts. At the moment, Texas PA's are facing hostility on all fronts, the Texas Medical Associa
  5. I agree that the Nursing Board does not appear to be in the right here, but the knee jerk reactions of the Physician Assistant Board in Texas are worse. It seems like there was a failure to investigate by the nursing board here. I went to BCM and we had multiple instructors telling our class that the best way to have a healthy career was to practice outside of Texas and that if their spouses weren't tied to industry in Texas, they would have left long ago. When I graduated I found out that this was also taught at other schools in Texas such as UTMB and UNT. I myself was able to talk t
  6. I was more than happy with the thanks from my neighbor I treated with the kit I had and couldn't have done more; I'm grateful I had the experience to treat and that my kit was in the garage next to my range bag. I doubt my neighbor will raise any issues with the good samaratin law after talking with him, he's glad to be alive and was on his way to bleeding out when I got to him. Truth be told, I have no faith, trust or respect in our state PA board could even recognize that it was ethically right to treat, so they are still a concern, but it's been a month so it's doubtful that anyt
  7. Well like I said, I never second guessed it until I talked with my co-workers, and they had very valid points. I am by no means holding their points against them, and hope tht if something similar ever happens again I won't think of the issues they brought up. I just took TCCC for the third time this past September for a pending job this spring, which was going to be in Afghanistand and now looks like it might be in Syria, so the training was pretty fresh in my mind. Thanks for all the input!
  8. Last night I was driving home and saw a person exiting my driveway with a walker, turn and start shuffling up the sidewalk... lets go back four weeks to December 27th. I was working in the den in front of the house and heard a loud bang somewhere outside and then some screaming. I have heard enough gunshots to know that this was not a firework, which is so common here in my neighborhood between Christmas and New Years Eve, so I went outside to see what was going on. About three houses down I could see a neighbor on the sidewalk screaming, and another neighbor yelling into the phon
  9. I just read this and it's kind of sad. The Texas PA board is neither competent nor ethical enough to handle this persons problems. I have zero trust or faith that he will get the treatment and monitoring he needs if this board is in any way involved...
  10. You have every right to sue your previous employer if their recommendation cost you a new job... They should have known better and are now on the hook big time for the money you would have been made if you were employed through the time you get a new job. Get a lawyer, this is an easy win. Attorneys should be jumping all over this one
  11. Unfortunately, joining up is not an option. We have 4 brand new grads and this is their first job. Even they signed contracts a month ago and are being asked to sign new ones now, they are signing them just to keep their jobs. I cannot blame them for that. It's all the experienced people that are leaving. One of them interviewed at a new Urgent Care this weekend and was told by the doctor that he is sure getting a lot of applications from our company! All the experienced providers are signing and looking to leave, and most agree with me, the 90 day notice is garbage and most of us wil
  12. Our company suddenly presented the mid-levels with new contracts that "must be signed immediately." We are an urgent care and were having mid-levels work the same hours as MD's, 9-9, 13 days a month with 3 on call. Now that we are going to extended hours, if you want to keep you job, they are shoving a 8 hour a day contract down your throat, 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm or 1pm-9pm at the clinics that are not extended hours. They are also requiring two days of on call duty, unpaid, on two of your days off a month, making you work or be ready to work 22 out of 30 days a month. Obviously the CEO was dev
  13. Everyone asks about my experience (Military Medic, Private Contractor w/6 tours), some are frightened by the experience and some have offered me more than what they were advertising. I do a lot of locums and some places like procedure heavy PAs, the corrections gigs don't worry about you being afraid and quitting after an hour. I think it depends on what your background is; my best friend is a Family Practice Doc in a medium sized town in Texas for a small hospital and every single PA she has wanted to hire has been turned down by the administrators because they have prior experience. They
  14. Yes, next time lawyer. Good advice. My biggest regret is that I stayed the full two weeks, even after the first few days I realized that she wouldn't give me any patients, or only those too early or late for her to bother with; she was just keeping me there to keep me from making money elsewhere. I should have just walked out after 2-3 days and never looked back
  15. Thanks for all the info! I guess it's just a lessoned learned...
  16. I signed a contract in January for a salary of 85K that would convert to production of 30% upon completion of my credentialing, however the SP stated that because she realized "it will take 12-18 months to build a practice, I will keep your salary level even until production is greater than salary." To me that sounded reasonable, she knew nobody would be able to take a huge hit on pay and would give me a reasonable transition from salary to full production. At 80 patients a week it would be > 110K per year, which is reasonable for a family practice PA. The Friday before Memorial
  17. This was my post about loving my job on 6-July this year.... It's amazing how the practice has changed once the hospital got involved and started sending the ER patients that were not high acuity to our clinic to be seen (they have no real fast track or f/u method to speak of, so they decided to use our clinic) for f/u or iniital visits depending on the time of day it is. I feel like we are the ER's dumping ground and the patients we used to get no longer want to come to us due to the other type of patient that lingers in our lobby our outside our doors smoking. I"ve even seen patients wait
  18. I have found myself seeing more and more patients a day, like most providers. Recently, two of us saw 90+ patients in a 12 hour shift. To me, this was not optimal patient care. We were rushed to say the least, labs that would typically order were not ordered, basically, it was treat and street. I hated that day, and sadly, they are increasing. Our bonus are based on this model, considering we are an urgent care, our out is "f/u with PCP if no improvement in 48 hours" or "pt sent to ER" or "pt provided strict ER precautions" when patients leave our offices. Everyone is checked in, e
  19. I get a lot of patients whose coverage under their parents policy "ends tomorrow." What they really mean is that they are turning 26 and want their birth control and/or whatever written up now and changed to generic if possible so they don't have to come to the doctor anytime soon. I have actually had 2-3 patients in the past month who, when I check their birthdate, were celebrating birthdays that day. At least they are attentive. I often get asked "should I sign up for Obamacare?" or "Do I even need insurance?" How about you? For most healthy 26 year olds that aren't offered he
  20. I was like you for the first two years after graduation, I just wanted to forget I ever went to PA school and go back to my previous career. All I could think of was how miserable I was with the never-ending flow of chronic complainers, non-compliant patients who continually make poor lifestyle choices, drug seekers and illegals. Then I found my present job a few months ago. I work at a family practice clinic right across from one of the largest Universities in the country. I do primarily urgent care, but the Medical Director has a private practice that includes a lot of professors and
  21. I agree that it's a danger when a company asks to sign and stay. To me it seems strange. I am not as much worried about no bonus or moving expenses as I am being asked to sign a contact for three years, I just don't see the need for a contract if it's a nice place to work.
  22. I just got offered a decent job, but it has no relocation expenses. During the interview, the practice manager specifically stated that he wanted me there as soon as possible, because in his experience, providers who don't move in the first few weeks re-consider and back out. He also wants a three year contract for the position. Now, my contract law may be rusty, but a contract typically has consideration on both sides, as it was put to me in the police academy, "ask and agree, sex for a fee." Each person offers up something. If I am to sign for three years, what am I getting? A jo
  23. I graduated PA school in 2010, and was a paramedic prior to that for 20 years, most of it in the military and the U.S. Government in wonderful places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Somalia and El Salvador. I also worked as a private contractor doing bodyguard work along with being a medic in Sierra Leone, Israel, Libya and Mexico. I just got my first full-time job in Austin three months ago, and when privileges are done, will start in early September. Here in Austin, it's very difficult to get jobs as a PA. I had one doctor actually tell me to my face, I need to come to the realization
  24. Here in Texas the Medical Board isn't much better. They want to know everything about you before they give a license; as if they are smart enough to know what to do with the information. They have given out super high fines for even minor infractions (a friend of mine got a 5K fine for prescribing an antibiotic to a friend) and they believe that they have a knowledge level higher than the rest of us pee-ons. Yes, it's cool to say that they are on the board, but can't that be enough? Do they actually believe that they have any superior insight? Other than keeping you from practicing to the
  25. In my present situation, no. Will I in the future? Yes. I never officially shadowed PA's, being an Army medic and working overseas I worked with them daily and knew what they did. My biggest surprise was when I quit working for the military and government and realized that I had been sheltered from female PA's. Until 2003 when a wife's friend attended PA school, I had gone 20 years without ever meeting a female PA. All my assignments were male only and mainly high threat areas. What a culture shock for me.... My class at PA school only had 3 men out of 35 students. They were very i
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