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  1. Greetings All, After attending a recent AAPA reimbursement workshop (Last weekend), I was disturbed that recent legislation passed excluded us (But not NPs) from a 65K bonus for using EMRs. This, in addition to recent developments including reimbursement denials in other states regarding Fracture care have lead me to strongly recommend a more proactive involvement in the health of our profession. Please.......Consider using this AAPA powered site run through the AAPA Legislative Action Center: http://capwiz.com/aapa/home/. It is amazingly easy to use, and has pre-printed information which can be automatically sent to our representatives and senators with just a few clicks of the mouse! Is you career worth at least a few clicks?...
  2. Considering the vast array of primary care issues that come up in my daily practice, not to mention the plethora of diagnostic studies ordered and interpreted by the PA (Let's not forget prescribing...), i'd say there's not much of a threat*. Even today, there are still an uncomfortable amout of doctors who consider us as only " trained to do what we need them to do” (Per the article quote); In otherwords, NOT a medical provider. for "Those" doctors, perhaps an ATC, or an RN, is better. With ATC only, all I see is an unlimited opprotunity for increased liability. It's clear from the quotes in the article that these particular docs are interested in the bottom line only, as there is no mention of PAs who are (Or once were) also ATCs (Of whom I've met several). As far as the OR goes, it's cluttered enough with all manner of shapes and sizes of those who can assist or "Hang out". Look at it from the other angle as well. If this is such a great option, why do ATCs (AND ortho nurses, a few who were in my class) flock to PA school. Let's be honest, 65K (What Emory pays per the article) ain't that much. This trend will burn itself out or get about as far as PTs with Ds (That profession hasn't really changed much as a result). *My SP consistently complements me on my medical knowledge (A liablity-deterring asset), which has on several occaisions overted disaster. ATCs do not practice medicine and cannot provide the same value. The only viable alternative to this successful model is either micromanaging or instituting onerous protocols that reduce the ATC to a technician at best. For a large medical center or university this may be an option, but the single provider or group practice is far better off with a PA. This works out better for us in the end as they also tend to offer higher compensation:)
  3. Bummer, well at least it's free...
  4. Handbook of fractures in excellent!! There's also a 5mcc for ortho; Second edition published ~ 2006. Do NOT purchase skyscape version, as it "Expires" and must be renewed. I've got the "blueprints" in most specialties; Not bad. Cool story.......when I was working a travel job in coastal Georgia, I went to get some AKs fried off at a derm place in Savannah. It was the doc who wrote the Derm blueprints! P.S.- Essentials rocks!
  5. http://www.aapa.org/images/stories/education_and_certification/2011_AAPA-AAOS_Guide_to_the_Musculoskeletal_Galaxy.pdf I went to AAOS last March in New Orleans, but want to go to something more PA-centric. PAOS does one every October, but I'd like to get that 50$ discount for turning my NCCPA in by the end of June:). See ya there if you're going!
  6. That's what I'm talkin 'bout! (I kinda miss the week-end group revelry on Old Town. Ahh, to be a young PA student again......)
  7. Just say you want world peace and love (That's what I put in my Essay back in the day;). I guess only ~ 100 apps is sign of the times. When I applied it was ~ 600. Too many new PA schools to choose from, maybe?
  8. Folks usually pick from a wish list of what's available. Many sites have room, or room and board (Hays, Mariam, and Leavenworth come to mind...). It all depends on how flexible you are.
  9. "Boring"......I'd have to agree with that. You have to look at more than just the $$ signs. CRNAs are just glorified RTs who stand around all day.
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