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  1. Read what consumer reports has to say about PAs. https://www.consumerreports.org/doctors/will-you-see-an-actual-doctor-when-you-go-to-the-doctor/
  2. I really appreciate all the responses. Very helpful! Timon: What determines production bonus? is this a flat rate that you get no matter what?
  3. Thanks EMEDPA. My concern is that burnout is to high to consider it. I wonder what would then make the job worth your time?
  4. Has anyone had experience being a "lead PA" in charge of hiring, managing, scheduling etc... 2 Questions: 1) How was your experience? 2) How much should someone be compensated for such a position/is there data on this?
  5. Was wondering if anyone has a structured bonus for surgery PAs (preferably general surgery. not tied to MDs) and what measures are being used for payment? Some of the things that are being considered for measurement are: documentation, CME, OR assist evals, and patient satisfaction. In my practice it is very difficult to track PA productivity/ patient satisfaction in the inpatient setting because the patient is often seen by multiple providers. If you have a template that your hospital uses for bonus payout with what they are tracking that would be helpful. Thanks!
  6. My suspicion is they are waiting until the end of this week or new year when people are paying attention. They are political too after all.
  7. Does anyone know what the 2013 MGMA physician assistant general surgery salary is for someone working in southwest?
  8. Yeah hard to say. I know people who heard back in a few days and others that waited a few months.
  9. Is it required to take a prevention of medical errors class? just wondering why roman 6163 and jlpinson had to take it.
  10. I still don't see why a PA would not do a residency instead....
  11. I wouldn't do it. Why not just do a PA residency? Less years, less money and focused to what you like.
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