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  1. I was also thinking i should be making a little more, even in Dallas. There is no overtime and you are expected to do the CME during your weeks off. Given all these facts and after reviewing the last salary report I was thinking of countering them at $67/hr and going from there. Unfortunately this is the job that will work best for my family so that may end up winning out.
  2. So I received an offer of $61/hr, potential of $9000 bonus if meet certain criteria which they say are outlined and reasonable and people get close to or meet yearly but recruiter could not provide what they were. No PTO, $1500 for CME but no days off, reimbursement for licensing, 401k with match, offer Health insurance but is not needed. Thoughts?
  3. I'm looking to get a feel for the average nocturnist rate. 7on/7 off schedule, no PTO accrual. I have almost 10 years experience in ICU and ER. Thanks
  4. I have recently relocated to the Dallas area and have an interview for a Hospitalist position. It is 7on/7off nights (10p-7a) with no PTO. I am not sure of other benefits as I have not interviewed yet but will not be needing any health insurance as I get that with my husband. I have 10 years experience in August with my time spent in the ICU and high volume ERs. Other offers I have been given in other areas have been significantly lower then I was previously making in the Houston( lower COL) and Northern VA (not significantly higher COL). I am wondering what pay I should realistically expect f
  5. Just wondering if anyone is working for/has worked for or know someone who has worked for the State Department as a Foreign Service Health Officer. I would like to do this in the future and am currently working in the ICU. I know they like 2 years family practice but was wondering if anyone had any info on the best background to have before applying. Thanks!
  6. I have been working in Cardiothoracic Critical Care for the past 2.5 years and am looking to make the transition to Interventional Radiology here in Northern Virginia. The practice I am currently interviewing with is hiring their first PA and I was wondering how typical practices work with PAs and what you usually do, so I can promote this position along with starting salary ranges. Thanks!
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