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  1. Im suprise so few students got accepted calls. was on Jan-10 interview. it seems my luck have ran out but My fingers are still scrossing.
  2. I see some decent offers also but you have a point. I may overlook this factor. thanks
  3. I am an RT who plan to change career to be a PA. I am discouraged and feel offend for PA by some of the offers being posted in this forum. It seems new grad PA make less than a 6years exp RT as me. Any thought?
  4. My interview will be on Jan-10. I flight from Houston. Anyone would like to share hotel and car rental please PM me at doan_nvb@yahoo.com ASAP. Good Luck guys and gals
  5. Jaaldana, I had my app ready long time but waited til deadline to submit. wrong decision on my part. :-( guess we just have to wait. will update if anything.
  6. received last communication #3 email early Oct. I'm so nervous waiting. Anyone has any ideas how many accepted and how many spot left?
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