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  1. Boise Radiology Group www.boiseradiology.com Increased patient volume has presented an opportunity to hire a physician assistant. We are a multi-subspecialty hospital based practice of 33 radiologists and 2 physician assistants with a large coverage area, including sites throughout southwest Idaho. All sites are inter-connected with a McKesson PACS system. We are looking for a self-starting individual. Duties will include coordination and performing of certain interventional services, pre and post procedure H&Ps, obtaining informed consents and rounding on inpatients and perfo
  2. I have taken care of several patients that had either quadriplegia from chiro cervical manipulation following MVC (unrecognized cervical fracture) as well as devastating and debilitating strikes from vertebral artery dissection, again from cervical manipulation...I suppose I'm ok with letting them mess around in the lumbar/hip and maybe thoracic areas, but never, ever cervical...good luck running from that barn fire
  3. I have a buddy working for EPIC I could reach out to him...
  4. E you took the words from my mouth...I am guilty of being pessimistic on this forum in the past, but I think it's also because I view medicine through realism-glasses...as a profession we can't just sing kumbaya and hope our careers will be rewarding when our patients don't know what we are and physicians demean us (I know generalities) but E hit it on the head...if like us, you can't stomach an anachronistic surgeon telling you you're not capable of placing a chest tube, in the interest of patient safety, and you've place literally 1000 more than he has, well you tend to get a little jaded...
  5. You have to check EMS supervision regs...I was able to supervise EMTs on a Federal SWAT team, but that's b/c they were Federal...in the states we were in I could not have supervised EMTs on the street...
  6. The problem Didymus is that you don't add balance...just subjective opinion based on speculation and loose association with the practice of medicine...the reason I listed a few of my "gold star achievements" was to lend some credibility to you, who does not know me. I wouldn't have to be so forthcoming to the likes of andersenpa, E, Primadonna, etc...because they know me and my background...you, however list nothing other than the betrothal to medicine to wit makes not an expert in the field...as far as I can tell you want to be a PA but certainly aren't one, and your use of memes in a though
  7. I'm going to stop you right here, because being married to healthcare doesn't equate with knowing about healthcare in the least...my wife was in the stock market, but I never assumed for a minute what the hell she did every day but make us money...now I am assuming you aren't actually practicing based on your naive perception of what WE do...maybe I'm wrong, so forgive me if so... I have been the sole provider in a 24 bed CVICU at a major tertiary cardiac referral center where they didn't use MD's at all...and we had better outcomes...I have worked in Level 1 trauma centers and worn the covete
  8. Because you haven't worked with docs for 15-30 years and we have!
  9. OP, I have worked with EMED and he knows as I do, that the both of us are not docs not because we couldn't be, but for a variety of reasons we CHOSE not to be...decisions we both now regret (speaking for you E, correct me if I am wrong)...the point is, given the opportunity you have, we both would take it in a nanosecond, knowing what we do now...we envy and applaud the likes of Primadonna, also our friend, but find ourselves in situations that prevent us from going there...it has taken the both of us, and many others on this forum, decades to reach a comfort level you can attain 3-6 months in
  10. Yeah dude... we are perma-residents...unless I find a way out, I will do the same thing today, that I will when I am 70 (the probable retirement age when I get there) and get my 6 weeks vaca and maybe a bottle of wine at Christmas if I am lucky...and don't get me wrong, I am in the top 1% of PAs when it comes to awesomeness of jobs...which astounds me that the majority of my brethren suffer the way they do...meanwhile the docs I work with make 6-8x what I do, get a week off per month, ownership/partnership/profitsharing, etc...and when the ACA/ACO turd impacts the oscillator where do you think
  11. And we call him the idiot in charge, constantly fixing his f'ups behind him...meh
  12. I would kneecap you and take your 30 MCAT.... don't be an idiot, go to medschool...when all this ACA and ACO crap falls out, we're all going to be $80-90K per year employees and the docs will take a hit, but not nearly as bad...enjoy the fact that you have the option while many of us who have been PAs for decades, and could have/should have been doctors are going to see our lives wrecked by the coming tsunami of healthcare in America...and to answer your next post, am I bitter - no; am I a realist - yes...maybe it's the bourbon talking, but it's my bourbon =P
  13. It would also help if you remember what kind of clinic you were at...help narrow it down a bit...
  14. Jeremy knows I was yanking his chain...he's a competent clinician and one of my past students...
  15. Not true...we have a portable remote control unit for the scanners that I control when performing these procedures...the CT techs serve as circulators and will manipulate the scanner if the remote doesn't have those functions...
  16. 1) infection in the surgical bed 2) septic embolic stroke And not a very thorough case presentation from my former student...you forget what I taught you ... =P
  17. I am in IR...yes you can but it depends on 1)state law 2)practice plan with collaborating doc 3)hospital credentialing...good luck
  18. The listing Bob attached says (€44,000 per annum) last check 44K Euro was about $47K...
  19. It's simple Julia...check your state practice act...that will tell you if you can or can't...as others have posted, step two is to determine if you should/shouldn't...if your SP isn't trained and there's a bad outcome, you're hung out to dry
  20. $47K? WTF? I agree to an extent Medic25 but even the Aussies were offering around $80K and that was over 6 years ago...not going to entice good candidates with that dough...
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