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  1. Please consider that any PA program is difficult to get into. You will have great students at both institutions (of course there will be a small number of students who struggle as well). There are way more qualified applicants than there are spot available. I think the experience will be what you make of it no matter where you go. In the end you will learn everything on your own initiative, both in your didactic and your clinical years. I graduated from Western a couple years ago. My income is in the low 3 figures, and I am still drowning in debt - so keep this in mind! In the end my advise is
  2. Hey thanks. Someone else just recommended that one as well.
  3. Im a new PA and I was wondering if anyone has a favorite book for pharmacology? I have all the good Phone Apps, but I wanted to do more general reading. I tend to use the CMDT for pharm reference. I don't Like my text from school as it is excessively detailed. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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