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  1. Well there is no turnover at all. All three NPs have been there at least 2 years and the longest for 10, but I was told that none of them are on this exact contract. Also, it feels more fair for them, as they already have an established patient base to work off of, and I will be starting from scratch, I can see the appeal if you are already working and know the typical numbers etc. But I feel like I am going in blind and need to have absolute faith. I will write back directly and ask for financials to show the expected numbers to see etc. Also, I see now as I reread the contract, that I am expected to take phone call during the week. I feel like on a commissions based contract, I would also need to see money for that, as I am not being paid for my time, only patients seen. Is that being greedy? I just feel like they only want to pay for performance, and taking call doesn't add to my bottom line, it only sucks up more of my time which isn't free. Yes, I believe they will train me on doing trigger point injections. Not sure how the pump refills work, as they have a drug rep who comes in and does most of the changes needed for the pumps, but maybe that gets billed on my schedule? I'm not sure. I agree with you, that I need more data. I will email the third party right now and see if I can get some. Thank you so much for your advice. I just wasn't sure at all if this would be workable. Ally
  2. Please take a look at my other post here: Contract And let me know if you have any ideas, thoughts, etc. Thank you! Ally
  3. Hi All-- I'm not a newbie PA, been practicing for 4 years have had some interesting contracts presented to me in the past and have had to walk previously, so am not afraid to do it. Have an offer in hand for a part-time position (which is what I want) in a pain management clinic in the Mountain West. The practice is using a group called, CE Medical to do the contract and I guess negotiations, but it's not a recruiting firm, so they have no incentive that I can see to get my salary as high as possible. Anyways, rambling sorry. My concern is this, they are offering me 38/hour for the first four months, flat rate, but it's not hourly ,they prefer to pay me on a salaried schedule, which is fine with me. I don't love the number, from what I can tell, most pain management PAs are making 40-50 but I'm willing to live with the 38. What I'm not thrilled about is after 4 months, it switches to a commissions only base of 35% after collections. So each 2 week pay period you get paid based on the collections of the previous month, divided in half. No base pay at all. No PTO, since I'm part time, and 1500 total for CME, DEA, and licensing per year. I feel like I am being asked to assume all the risk, all the no-shows, bad accounts etc. I will not be doing procedures, the MDs prefer to do those, so it's only new patients and pain follow ups. Has anyone ever heard of this at all? It feels like I'm working at a car dealership? The main negotiator is trying to convince me that this is the new way Pain practices are doing things, to incentivize their midlevels. I should mention that there are 3 other NPs none of whom are on this contract, I of course am not privy to what their contracts say, but I do know that it's not this commissions only based idea. Thoughts? Anyone doing something like this? Will also post in the Pain side, to see if anyone over there has heard of this. TIA. Ally
  4. AllyPA

    NC salaries

    Hrmmmmm none of you live in Charlotte I see.......I'm a new grad....and CHS just offered me low 60s for a specialty practice.....they said that all new grads get the same pay, UNLESS you are EM or CVT. I'm frustrated.....do I take the low pay b/c that's what they are paying....or do I drive 35 min for 70+?
  5. I got it! I think my application got shunted to a needs more information pile, but no one let me know that they needed more info...but after the 12 week mark, Lori was very helpful and got everything taken care of at the speed of light! Thanks again for letting me vent and for all your suggestions :) Now, I just need to decide on a job........ :) Ally
  6. LoL! That is the best advice. :) Thanks Chatcat, I will call again today. Ally
  7. I need some guidance. I am a new graduate (August 2007) and am still trying to get licensure in NC. My application was in the office on Oct. 19th and all my supporting documents, were in by Oct. 25th. My background check was also in the office by then. My application has been sitting, untouched as far as I can tell since 11-07-2007 and by untouched I mean, I have had no letters, emails, or online updates since that time. I have emailed Ms. King and the general license email, with no response. Now what? I don't know who else to email, call, etc. I know all my documents are in, thanks to the online status update, but nothing has been marked approved and if there is a problem, no one is communicating this to me. Any ideas? I live in the Charlotte area, so showing up for the board meeting really isn't an option....but I could go to the office later in December...if they are even open :confused:. Sigh. I just needed to vent. I know of another new graduate in the same boat, but still.....I'm just glad I have a DH with income...or we'd be living in a cardboard box. Thanks! Ally
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