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  1. I'm up for a private psych PA group!
  2. I took a position in Iowa for Inpatient Psychiatry at nearly $120,000. Just an fyi....was offered a position in Nebraska for $130,000. This was in an outpatient setting.
  3. I could help you out as well kpulido. southpawmedic@gmail.com
  4. I went this past spring in Vegas. Just as others have said...it's great refresher as well as high yield. Presenters are quality!
  5. I agree guys. I don't think you can assume a PA should make half of what the doc is making. Never ever heard of any real correlation between the two. I'm coming from a EM position so I've seen my share of psych patients as well EMED. I just enjoy getting deep into what some of their issues are. We all know that's impossible in a fast paced ER. I think FP is fairly low paying in my area starting around $70,000. Of course this includes evenings as well as Saturday clinic.
  6. I took an EM position a year ago right out of school for $90,000 in the midwest. Decent bennies but pricey insurance. I saw it as a great new grad pay. Now offered a position with inpatient psych for $120,000 with similar bennies. Not bad for only a single year out. There should be no incentive to do your best for your patients based on your wages. You do what you do because you want to care for people...right? The great pay is just icing.
  7. Rev Ronin is right. Timing has nothing to do with pass or fail. It's just whether they scored yours or not. Obviously they didn't get to yours. You'll know by next Thursday.
  8. Agree! I decided to save a bit of cash and use HIPPO PA instead of a review course as many of my classmates did prepping for the PANCE. I was a little on edge it wouldn't be enough but since I was a new grad some info would be fresh yet. They kept things interesting and I could stop and start if I needed to. Impossible to do at a review course. I'm not saying one's better than the other, but for me, it worked out best.
  9. I was one of the lucky ones! I took it the morning of 9/5 and heard yesterday morning. It is true...you walk out of there with a feeling of utter devastation. I felt confident with maybe 40 questions. The rest are a complete blur. I've never felt that far from confidence in my entire life. Somehow.....I passed.....and easily at that. ***If it was easy, everyone would be doing it***
  10. ^ that's my struggle! It's hard to find time or interest in keeping it updated when you should be studying...at least for me. Good luck though beano! Looks good so far.
  11. Thanks guys! I'll check out it out. EMED...I may look you up in a few years when I'm finished.
  12. Thanks Schmittie. Are there groups who take providers over on a regular basis?
  13. Have any of you traveled to areas such as Haiti to provide medical care on a mission trip? Since I'm only in my first year of school I know it's some time away from happening. Who needs to be contacted, what needs to be done, etc? What are your thoughts concerning logistics as well as any insight as to what to expect once I would arive there? Thanks much!
  14. I'll be 40 this year and was accepted to University of South Dakota. Your app is strong and I'll echo what many have said and will say...your age, experience, and maturity will be to your benefit. I felt the same way about my age. I felt I was too old to go back but if this is really what you want to do, don't let a small thing like age stop you. I plan on looking at it as making the younger students work harder by hopefully making them think if that "old" guy can do it why can't I! :xD:
  15. ticktockclocke...I'll be commuting from Orange City, IA which is 50 miles east. I think others have been looking for places in Vermillion. We do have a facebook page for USD PA Class of 2014. Feel free to ask to join.
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