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  1. I took the exam on Friday and scored very well. I thought the primary care questions were good questions although some were a bit tricky. I scored a 644 and I work in interventional radiology. I studied from a USMLE book that has very precise, quick summaries of most topics from the NCCPA blue print and some nice cram pages in the back and also did practice tests from the newer and an older version of the AAPA book. I also used some notes I made from when I took the PANCE. I have heard from many who have said this test was not like the others and they were unsure they if they passed or not. This was my first recert so I have nothing to compare it to. I think they key is practice tests and not over studying because then you get burnt out. I took a week to study after work. I felt this was plenty and I was actually getting burned out on reading after just a few days. Good luck to everyone taking it soon! Thanks for posting that info on NC...I do think you need to be certified by the NCCPA to keep your licensure though. Page 95 states you have to have current certification. As far as I know you have to maintain certification. I was audited and I had to show my current certification. I did not read through the whole thing but this is what I did read: 21 NCAC 32S .0216 CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (a) A physician assistant must complete at least 100 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every two years,at least 40 hours of which must be American Academy of Physician Assistants Category I CME. CMEdocumentation must be available for inspection by the board or its agent upon request. The two year period shallrun from the physician assistant's birthday, beginning in the year 1999, or the first birthday following initiallicensure, whichever occurs later.(b) A physician assistant who possesses a current certification with the National Commission on Certification ofPhysician Assistants (NCCPA) will be deemed in compliance with the requirement of Paragraph (a) of this Rule. The physician assistant must attest on his or her annual renewal that he or she is currently certified by the NCCPA.
  2. Salaries in NC start lower for new grads. Now that I have the 1+ year of experience, I left my first job and now am making 15-16K more than when I started. I am also about to interview for a speciality which will give me another 5-6K. So, it looks like new grads not such great pay, but after a year there is a fighting chance!!
  3. Thanks! I am going into FM, and I have asked for a fair salary, but was unsure if it was too low. I kinda used the AAPA salary and state specific as well as dept of labor to figure out what to ask for. When I get my contract soon, I will make sure it is what I asked for (and will try to push for more)
  4. Does anyone know what a fair starting salary in Charlotte, NC is?? I am a new grad with no experience. I am looking for an estimate. I looked at the APAA website, and the census does not really help because the respondants are mostly people with 10+ yrs experience. I want to negotiate a contract I may be receiving soon. Thanks :)
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