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  1. I am hoping that since the OP was from 2004, he is now making more than 63K. I will be a new grad in a few months and laugh at the thought of me seeing anywhere near 30 pts / day. Hoping 75k to start will be motivating to buy some new running shoes for sprinting around the clinic.
  2. I voted for Latin America. While I realize there will be many convincing arguments for China, Nepal, etc. IMHO, I feel that a rotation to a Spanish speaking provides would provide the "foreign" experience of practicing medicine abroad, while also preparing the future PA for medicine here. An understanding of Latin culture, some Spanish, and an insight into the living conditions, health concerns etc. of our neighbors to the south are things that are hit close to home. While I think Nepal, China, Middle East would be eye-opening experiences, and could definitely be applicable to stateside healthcare, if you had to choose only one....I will be interested to see how a rotation that is open to multiple PA programs works out. I think it is a great idea. Buena Suerte!
  3. Undergrad School: University of Montana, Missoula B.S. Business Administration Cumulative Undergrad G.P.A: 3.2 Cumulative Science G.P.A.: 3.73 Post-Bac G.P.A.: 4.0 Last 45 Semester Hours G.P.A: 3.93 Age at application: 30 GRE: N/A Direct Patient Care: -Ski Patrol (6000 hours) -EMT/ER Tech (1300 hours) -EMT/Wildland Firefighter, BLM (3000 hours) Extracurricular Activities: Volunteer English Tutor (7 months) Volunteer in Ecuador (2 weeks) Shadowed 2 PAs in Emergency Medicine Shadowed 1 PA in Cardiology Application Submitted: August 2007 Schools Applied: Quinnipiac University (CT), Pacific University (OR), University of Utah Interview Invites: Quinnipiac University (CT), Pacific University (OR), University of Utah Interviews Accepted: 3 Admission Invitations: All 3 Accepted: Pacific University!!
  4. I can now tell you George Washington, is thought to have died from Quinsey. Although it is 0400 here in the Beehive, I guess it's 6am on the east coast. Time to wake up!
  5. I may have to google some of the other just to keep myself awake here.....
  6. Thanks guys, just one more trick up my sleeve for this interview! To keep this thread going in the "Tips" direction, I'd say knowing the history of the program is important. Did it start in the 70's or the 90's? Have they had the same program director for 15 years, or cycled thru them every semester? What is the history of the university? I'll let you'all know on Monday if I forgot anything! Thanks for the great thread.
  7. No such thing as a silly question? OK then, is Stead (as in Eugene) pronounced like "Sted" or "Steed"??? I thought this applicable to the interview thread as this is when we do the talkin' not the writin'. I may have to mention this legend of a man this weekend!
  8. The silence is deafening. Well, I was hoping to hear more about this program also. Anybody?
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