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  1. troygem

    Hawaii PAs

    Any Hawaii PA's that care to comment on pay and how it compares to the mainland. Is the pay increased comparably to the cost of living?
  2. I was actually looking at Mercyships.org. the Africa Mercy.
  3. Sorry if it's been covered somewhere and I missed it. Does anyone know what the scope of practice is for a PA on Mercy Ships?
  4. Anybody know who staffs the ER at Northwest Medical Center in Margate? Anybody here work for Emcare in Florida?
  5. Hey Andy, PA's are used in most of the ED's in Nashville and middle TN. EMcare dominates the market except for Vanderbilt where the have a massive NP school. Pay from EMcare in my opinion is pretty decent-- high hourly with minimal other benefits.
  6. From a practical stand point how does prescribing of scheduled meds work in the emergency department in Florida?
  7. Im am back on the forum for the first time in probably a year or so... are you still looking at TN... I can definitely give you information.
  8. I actually did look at Coast Guard at one point.. I saw that their services are provided by PHS.
  9. I live in Tennessee so I know of Guard and Reserve units close to where I live. That is interesting about the PHS and a ready reserve unit.. I wonder what they would offer in the way of Loan repayment... Just did a quick search on PHS duty stations.. None in Tennessee.
  10. I am a recent new grad (17 months out) and I am looking at joining the National Guard or the Army Reserve to get a little help with my CRUSHING school loan debt. Anybody have any thoughts on pros and cons of one vs. the other? Likelihood of deployment of one vs. the other? I am older than the average new guy(40), and I have a wife and kids, so that's why I am considering one of the more "part-time" service options. Thanks.
  11. I agree, great reference. Just a couple things from an old medic talking out the side of his head. For V-tach, do we not like amiodirone anymore? Also for the "Altered Mental Status" and "The only laboratories you need..." I didn't see mention of Blood Glucose level. Humbly, Troy
  12. Maybe we should have an "inspirational" board. It could be all the success stories and great things about being a PA. I LOVE this forum, but so many times it seems the boards are dominated by PA vs. "the world" topics. It is stories like this that I print out and post close to my desk. I look at things like this when Im stuck studying some silly liberal arts class(pre-req) when I can here my son in the next room playing. (Before I had kids I never thought I would what to play horsey so much) It is stories like this that help me picture what Im working for. Thank you. Troy
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