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  1. Update: After not seeing minocycline on his med rec, I questioned the patient and he admitted that he had used it for a long time, but forgot to mention it. Oddly enough, I had always noticed a blue/grey hue to his skin also. So, minocycline FTW
  2. Anyone ever seen this? know the cause? Performing TKA and upon opening the retinaculum, we could see that all the edges of the peri-articular cartilage were blue or blackish in color. The cancellous bone also had a "dirty" or mucky brown to dirty yellow appearance. I have never seen this so did some searching. Found a japanese article that called it black bone and attributed it to minocycline use and it was also seen to stain the periodontal tissues. I remembered from pharm that the tetracyclines can stain young children's teeth and therefore not given, but had never heard of the p
  3. Recommend Handbook of Fractures--It does have a good pediatric section. I know you said nothing digital, but I have an app called Ortho Traumapedia that is excellent and cheap. Good luck
  4. Thanks for all the input. Some answers: We have had this program with our EST for about 4-5 years and it has been ever evolving. We serve all high risk warrants and respond to situations as dictated by the situation. We shoot/train along side the teams, but we rarely do any entry and if needed, the medic would be last in the stack or in the take down team. Our role is to be there for any hostages, victims, etc. and then for the team. We are trained to be able to pick up any weapons system they utilize and know how to run it, clear, clean it, etc. Mostly for when on meth lab raids.
  5. Looking for anyone with experience in this field. I have been given a unique opportunity to work as a tactical medic with SWAT team for my local PD. It is volunteer and I am only expected to be at raids/call outs when I am available. I train with the team and pass all fit tests just like they do. I carry a weapon, and while trained on being "in the stack", it is RARE that I would be expected to do this, if ever. In all liklihood, I would drive a vehicle to the raid and remain at a casualty collection point until needed. I would recieve a special commission through the department a
  6. Just have to echo what everyone else said. Make sure no competes are legal in your state. In some areas, they aren't worth the paper they're written on. I think practices sometimes put them in there to frighten people into honoring them when they really don't have to. I also agree with the "reasonableness" of the clause as being an PA in ortho, its not likely you will leave and take patients with you to start your own practice like in a family practice. That said, I work in a town with two Ortho practices and they might be able to make the clause stick in that situation, but again, not sur
  7. Lovenox, 30 mg SQ, BID x 10 days, then 21 days ASA, 325 mg, QD
  8. air-fluid levels on xray--Bowel obstruction cherry red spot on eye exam-Central occlusion of retinal artery ankle fx with proximal fibula fx--Maisonneuve Fx, the syndesmosis is wrecked as well Cotton wool spots--ischemic exudate on fundu exam d/t hypertensive retinopathy delta wave--Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome kerley B lines--CHF Bence Proteins--Serum protein in Multiple Myeloma barking cough--Croup Egg on a string--Transpositon of the Great Arteries Boot Shaped heart--Tetralogy of Fallot Scotty Dog Fx--Pars articularis fracture Now some new ones: Chandelier sign Chadwick's Sig
  9. If I can give any applicants one peice of advice, it would be from my experience in helping out with our schools interview process. I wasn't in on the interviews but more like being an escort for the applicants and also proctoring essay times or QandA sessions. One applicant stood out, in a BAD way. He wore a flashy suit...nothing wrong with that. I like flashy suits sometimes, but his brought attention to him and his piss-poor behavior. During the times when the applicants were with us and away from faculty, he would seclude himself from the rest of the group, not speak, not answer q
  10. Undergrad Ed School: IUPU Fort Wayne Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.85 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.83 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) Age at application time : 31 1st GRE: 550 V 580 M 5 Analytical 2nd GRE: (if applicable) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Physical Therapist Assistant ~10 yrs full time Extracurricular/Research Activities: Schools Applied: University of Saint Francis (Fort Wayne) Butler University Application Submitted Date: May 22, 2006 Schools Received App
  11. This has likely been addressed elsewhere, but as it appears to fit in this thread I'll post it and see... As for "confidence" during the interview. How much is too much? By that I mean that I know you can be confident in the strength of your application, your abilities, and the plans you have for the future. But I would assume that AdComs would view it as a turn-off if one kept making comments as though they were already in the program or already a PA. Too much confidence would just seem cocky and probably get a thumbs down right?
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