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  1. I would like to see if there is any more recent studies than the following from last summer comparing kids influenza and covid hospitalization rates, ICU admission rates, and mortality rates and found that they are similar. https://childrensnational.org/news-and-events/childrens-newsroom/2020/clinical-symptoms-of-covid-vs-flu https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2770250?utm_source=For_The_Media&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ftm_links&utm_term=090820 If there is no change then I think it is safe to say we would be vaccinating children for th
  2. I wanted to get opinions from the board on vaccine passports. How do you feel about vaccine passports for employment, school, events, or domestic travel. Thanks, eager to hear your thoughts.
  3. It is the spring of 2021, a coronavirus vaccine becomes available to health care workers. Should the vaccine be mandatory for health care workers or optional? Should healthcare workers be able to decline that vaccine and continue to wear current PPE. Interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks. Jared Dant PA-C
  4. Anyone do that Johns Hopkins Patient Safety PI-CME course that Emedpa posted awhile back? I'm interested in doing it for my PI in 2016. Any feedback from anyone who has taken it would be appreciated. Jared
  5. Anyone do that Johns Hopkins Patient Safety PI-CME course that Emedpa posted awhile back? I'm interested in doing it for my PI in 2016. Any feedback from anyone who has taken it would be appreciated.
  6. I read that a Charles Haas physician from Drexel studying Ebola found that there was up to a 12 percent chance of infection even after the 21 day window. He feels that the quarantine time should be greater. I agree that we need to get the most intelligent, unbiased experts in the field to develop a plan which protects the citizens of this country first, then try to figure how we can help both in Africa and globally.
  7. Hi, I was curious about what the stipend per year is during the fellowships? Thanks. Jared
  8. I am a lead PA. My duties include schedule making, orientation & training of new midlevels, review of midlevels, management meetings, implementation and review of policies, etc Agree with 10% over base.
  9. I found the information regarding the decreased effectiveness of various anti-hypertensie medications when used with chronic NSAIDS to be very interesting. Thanks for posting. Jared Dant
  10. Anyone know if the VA offers physician assistants medical insurance for you and spouse after you retire? Jared
  11. Wanted to get some info from those working here. Positives negatives etc. Any input is appreciated!
  12. What happens if you take panre in 2013 how does this affect your cycles in the future compared to taking in 2014 I graduated in 2008 I think I can take it in either year if I want what are the upside and downsides to this
  13. Anyone know if north carolina requires current NCCPA certification to practice, this has become a big issue with the changes in the NCCPA 10 year certification plan. I have heard that some states require NCCPA certification and others do not. Anyone know that North carolinas stance is?
  14. What is the internship? Do you have to stop working and travel? How long if so?
  15. E- what is workload like from day to day and week to week?
  16. E - What is the total cost of the doctorate degree?
  17. I'm also in fayetteville, work in inpatient ID if you are interested.
  18. Amy, Just a reminder get any updated immunizations because that info is due very soon especially if you have to get multiple shot series. Jared
  19. Hi! Jared here fellow AACC class of 2008 looking forward to getting started. I was guessing if you were the student I met when interviewing at Towson and AACC. If not good to meet you.
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