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  1. I graduated last August and I am now working my first job as a Hospitalist PA with a small group. I round between a SNF and a community-based hospital, with some random clinic patients here and there. Overall, my days are 8 hours long with no weekends or call (unless I choose to help out and cover the SNF). Considering I am a relatively new graduate, I understand I am performing very well and very autonomously. I function pretty much as another doctor in the group. They are now getting into the ugly habit of using me wherever they can and want too. Since it is my first PA job I was uncertain what salary to take or how to negotiate for the job and now that I am working so independently, I am questioning whether I am being compensated appropriately or not. I was hoping someone out there could advise me whether I am in a good situation or not. Basically, I was started at an 80K base with option to collect bonus based on my productivity. It was set up that for anything I collect over 11K per month, I receive 50% of those collections. My first bonus check was 5K and my second was 3K. I think it will average about 3-5K per month at this point. If it was 3K per month, that would put my annual income at roughly 116K. My questions are: is this good? Is it competitive? Should I have arranged for a higher base and different collection threshold? Although it is nice to get a nice bonus check every month, I do feel stressed about having to make my numbers. My loans fall from grace in a few weeks. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. i was accepted and i am nervous about the isolation of the school and the effect this will have on clinical experience. is this justified? should i be concerned?
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