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  1. Was on indeed and saw this. I’m sure someone on here will want this! Flight Provider (MD/NP/PA) in Roswell New Mexico https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?from=appshareios&jk=a44624598b2e42bc
  2. I second jjv2016. I spoke to someone from their national organization several years ago. They will accept American trained PAs but you must speak Dutch fluently. Also would be the question of how you would obtain legal status to work there. Out of all the European countries they do pay the best though.
  3. Wow Mike. I had no idea! Definitely is not easy to find something.
  4. Honestly open to anything. Administration, teaching, telehealth. All new ways to grow in different ways.
  5. I had spoke with Shepard many years ago and that was the gist of the conversation, he had a unique situation that they made it work. If there was the option I would have done anesthesia. Even now I’d consider a residency if it were available and jobs were around. Going back to the Medicare law, until this is changed we won’t see widespread PAs providing true anesthesia services, maybe AAPA can work on changing this law. PAs would have to be included on this list of approved anesthesia providers. AAPA loves to say how difficult it is to change laws, but AAs are on this list so maybe there’
  6. Just for whoever stumbles across this in the future... I spent the last week reading through all of the forum posts related to this, as well as discussing job opportunities, requirements, with multiple directors in local hospitals as well as a director of talent acquisition for a hospital system. What I’ve found is that if you can, moving directly for any doctorate (DMSc, DHSc, PhD, etc. ) seems to be the move to make. None of the people I spoke to had any preference of degree or any feeling that specializing in some type of business degree was a requirement or looked highly on (MHA,
  7. My wife and I are considering a move to Europe (she’s a European citizen) to a country where PA profession doesn’t exist (Italy). I’m trying to think of non clinical positions I’d be able to do and thought of teaching in an English international medical school. Does anyone know how to best prepare to be a candidate to do this without being a physician? I’m considering various doctorate degrees and trying to find something that will give me options.
  8. There’s nothing limiting PAs from providing anesthesia services except that Medicare doesn’t recognize PAs as anesthesia providers and thus cannot get reimbursement. Until that is fixed no reimbursement = no jobs
  9. What did you end up doing? I would have just asked for the assist fee. Or some type of split of that.
  10. Hi Everyone, With more PAs and NPs being directly hired by hospital systems there seems to be a lot of potential openings for Director of Advanced Practice Providers. Unfortunately a lot of these roles are being filled by DNPs. I’d like to move into a role like this but as a bachelor trained PA I need an advanced degree. I’ve been considering doing an MHA but I noticed DMSc at Rocky Mountain is almost about the same amount of time. Does anyone have any idea what hospitals would want for director type positions and moving up more into hospital leadership. Should I just go for DMS
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. Serenity now - yes this is a Neurosurgery consult service for a trauma center. There is new data coming out to allow intervention up to 24 hours but there must be a special CT done which shows core infarct volume and pneumbra volume. This is not available yet in most places, and was not done on this patient. You have all brought up good points. We are a very agressive service and often change and write orders because my attendings want me to because it seems no one ever reads or implements plans well enough.
  12. I lived at home for 2 years. Kept a beater and put 85% of paycheck into paying loans off, and got a per diem.
  13. Today I went into a trauma center that I occasionally go to for the practice to see one of our patients on the weekend, a post bleed day 8 ruptured aneurysm patient. If anyone has experienced these cases they are very complicated patients that have multiple electrolyte, renal, cardiac disturbances. Anyway, i see the patient and note that he is on inappropriate medications for his condition including long acting narcotic meds. I inform the family of the changes, put in the orders, and walk out to find a PGY 3 resident in the ICU. I review the case briefly and explain to him which medication
  14. I think If they did it well I would do that. Being in a specialty we don’t get a lot of general medicine refreshing or even updates with new things. If they put it together as a great refresher and with new up to date guidelines and meds for managment of common diseases I think it would be a good alternative to do once in a 10 year cycle
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