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  1. They finished the paperwork but have concerns I cant do my job, because once in 2017 when dehydrated I fainted at Walmart, Because of this it affected how well I remember where I lived and when, ( doesnt help mom was a house flipper and I stopped counting after 60 moves) so they think I am ''Impaired" so in Nov of 2021 I have to have a meeting with the board. I am so pissed, I watched Dr. Death and the TMB didn't do crap about him and the SAME DAY I find out that I need review I read this stuff, so you can sexually assaults' 2 dozen women and be allowed to practice, but you cant if you faint once? The TMB is a disappointing and sicking failure, so in November I want to talk about sexual assault and doctors, I dont want their state license anymore Im keeping the meeting to tell them where they can stick it https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/05/11/former-patients-fight-stronger-laws-texas-doctor-dennis-doan-accused-abuse-walks-free/ Why Texas allows doctors cited for sexual misconduct to still practice by julie chang
  2. Had license in 2009, took forever. Moved and let it expire, Then Covid and I tried to get the license again ( in JUNE 2020) and they wanted EVERYTHING just like I had never held a license. They messed up my paperwork at least a dozen times, they lost my paperwork. Its now January 4th, I went from Pre-License, to license on Nov 9 2020, its 15 business days. You can see the time below. I have only worked 3 weeks in 2020 since lockdown. A temp job Covid testing kids. The job ended on the 18th but they messed up the payday and paid us the 30th. Unemployment thought I got paid for work when I said I was not. They shut my account off for fraud! I already sold my wedding ring and an acre of property in AZ. I have nothing left to pawn. I had 2 places that wanted to hire me for telemed months ago and only 1 job interview in the next 2 days. I called them today and said I cant wait, if you keep doing this to me I will be homeless by February 2021. I NEED HELP TODAY. 2 supervisors later they asked the woman who has taken 56 calendar days and 34 business days to '' Expedite' my forms. THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT DEC 2 WHEN THEY REALIZED THEY LOST MY PAPERWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Result: 34 days 56 calendar days – 22 days skipped: Excluded 8 Saturdays Excluded 8 Sundays Excluded 6 holidays:
  3. I got married and lived in Dublin Ireland for almost 2 years and It did not stop me from finding work.
  4. I joined PAVMT and all they have are old job postings ( some not even telemedicine) then you go into a webinar with hope that this could be it your going to find the answer. its like a damn infomercial when your done who ever is talking wants money - THOUSANDS to start up in their group. I kept asking what is the cost, what is the cost, and some jerk answers -' That depends on if you want a BMW or a Mercedes" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! Im disabled and need to work from home and on unemployment. I got so mad, I responded " I cant afford a bus pass, so I dont think this is for me'' I also joined PAFT because the AAPA is a continual disappointment. YES we are being squeezed out of jobs from ANRP because they have better representation. They have autonomy in over 20 states now. When you watch the news and they talk about Covid, I NEVER hear the phrase '' physician assistant' They mention MD and Nurses, It really makes me mad. I feel like becoming a PA was the worst choice of my life. I should have been an ANRP, I even wrote the AAPA and asked if they know of a bridge program to become an ANRP because PA wont be around much longer
  5. I have been looking for almost 3 years. I have not had a job since Feb - and I have been aggressively looking every day. ANRP are taking over and the odds of us being about to practice without an AP is diminishing after the AMA campaigned against ' stop scope creep' I have been in medicine 26 years, I dont need the SP. I dont. Most of my jobs I never see or speak to the SP they are in another state.
  6. Not here I have been doing this 26 yrs medicine almost 13 yrs as a PA , I am ready - set me free
  7. I will I promise. I sent your post to PAVMT https://www.pavmt.org/home I just joined. Dont give up! I cant work with the public due to my preexisting health problems. I really need and want a telemedicine job.
  8. I wish we had Telemed as a specialty topic I have been looking for work in Temed for years. The AAPA is now pushing to get us into the role and a new website "TelehealthMany PAs have asked about opportunities in virtual medicine and telehealth. The Medicare program reimburses PAs for providing all covered telehealth services in the same manner as physicians. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services temporarily expanded telehealth and telemedicine services to enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services without having to travel to an office, clinic, or health care facility. PAs are fully included in the telehealth and telemedicine expansion program. PAs can find out more information about telehealth, telemedicine, and reimbursement at AAPA’s Reimbursement website. They may also be interested in joining AAPA’s special interest group, PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine (PAVMT)." https://www.pavmt.org/ for PA interested in Telemed
  9. I am on Unemployment in WA state. I filed 3 weeks ago, and am in the system. The max you can make in WA is 790 per month ( I had been about to get 5 mo, but it became 12) Then I also get another 600 per week for Covid19 Aid in WA state. So I will have about 1390 per week 5560 per month. I am lucky I can live on 3k per month. I dont have kids, but its been 3 weeks and still no pay has been sent. They gave me a debit card. They said they had to contact my last employer, and so I did also. They are not fighting the unemployment, but I think so many have applied that its taking forever. I am worried I wont be able to pay my May rent. I live in a Monthly Motel, I came here to start a job that is now on hold. I have wanted a Telemed job for years, I just dont know who I have to murder or marry to get it.
  10. NO BODY WANTS US!!!! I have been out of work starting 2.20.2020 I have over 25 years experience. I am in the Seattle area. I cant find any kind of work right now, they all want MD/NP - hell they will even take students over us. Bring back an 80 yo MD, but for the love of GOD dont even mention PA as a part of the medical workforce. I am so angry - I started as FD Medic its in my nature to help in some way, Applied for Rapid Response Team (S) > 10 ( no answer on Any ) Applied for TeleMedicine (MD/NP Only) I made my own PPE, I printed my DNR out, Im READY to work. ..... Crickets ....
  11. https://wapa.memberclicks.net/assets/documents/032720 Gov proclamation DA 20-32 - COVID-19 DOH Healthcare Worker Licensing (tmp) (003).pdf
  12. We need someone to approach the government NOW with this Virus so we can help. Restrictions need to be lifted.
  13. with the virus they need to lift the restrictions
  14. update , i got out it cost a lot of time and money to get my life back in order. he is busted by the state they are likely taking his license , he is selling his clinics and assets
  15. I am in the same boat due to health reasons. I just dont have the clinic stamina. Did you ever find anything?
  16. Thank you! I've been in medicine 25 yrs and a PA for 10 but my health is not so great and I still need to work. my body just cant keep pace with the job anymore - but my mind can
  17. Im looking for this kind of work, how did you find it?
  18. Do to my health I am trying to look for Telehealth or telecommuting work. I dont know where to start. I am also willing to be a chart auditor - anything that would let me work from home. I am asking for any tips on how to best find this work, and or advice from those that are doing that kind of work now. Thank you
  19. things got bad, or from bad to worse. they would never let me have time off for my own md apt, finally, i get in at the end of the day. my normal 90/60 was 178/90!!! I said no way that machine is broken, get another, still high 160's/90's. Doc offers me Xanax does some labs said ' quit your job', so I tell my boss via txt that im getting high bp when im stressing out. The next day Im triple booked after I told mgr im going to need to slow down a little. I had chest pain and shortness of breath through the am, but tried to power through. The regional manager rolled her eyes at me and said '' its always something with you'' and demanded a Dr note so I would be allowed to slow down for chest pain. I had 15 min of a 1-hour lunch left. I tried to get the note but my Doc said No come in now, why are you even there? I said they won't even let me slow down. So when I went inside the Mgr and Regional went to lunch, ( the owner is Txting me while on phone w/ my MD about im trying to destroy him and he is going to the board and his lawyers) its now 1pm and the first patient is screaming because her chart notes are gone - yes 90 days and counting of unreliable messed up ehr- and I cant breathe, the chest pain is getting worse and I am worried about my bp. I ask the girls to take it. WE DONT HAVE A BP CUFF IN THE OFFICE !!!! I cant tell is this anxiety or is this AMI? Im almost 50 it could be the real thing. I call my Mgr on the phone and ask can I please go see my MD he is telling me to come now, I cant breathe my chest hurts. ... She says yes yes , go go , I ask for an email or txt that said this is ok. She went silent for 5 min, then I get a message I have to call the owner/ boss and his assistant first to get permission to go... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I could see the fear in the eyes of my MA so I called 911 for myself and spend 6 hours in the ER, I got a Dr note that says I am allowed to see the DR. I had a follow up with my own MD, my TSH >150, my Thyroid Antibodies >1000, Iron 15L, He made me take a week off work got my thyroid going again, gave me WAY more Ativan than I needed. I slept this last week, now its Friday. The Company Lawyer is telling me that my contract is 4 years. I have had 2 MA quit without notice one when system 1st went down and another last Monday when they were '' collecting statements'' about me, and a front desk girl who just returned after 3 weeks leave related to stress. So it is not just me. I have like 3k to my name, I put a lot into coming here. I don't really have money for a lawyer. I'm scared. Im being bulled for sure. I think he thinks I want money from him, I don't I just want to get as far away from him and his shitty clinics ASAP. So I told that to his lawyer this afternoon and I am waiting to hear back if I am fired, or taken to court or turned into the board. I said I did not want to fight, but if he puts it in that direction, I will fight back. I saved tons of stuff on my phone the treats and months of systems down ehr problems. I can't believe this is really happening. Honestly, If I heard this story I would think, it cant be true. But it is, Some shady cheap clinics to do just enough to get by and hope nothing goes wrong or they get caught. I have a friends friend who is a lawyer from another state look at the contract, but that is as good as it gets for me.
  20. I quit on the 31st of last month and by June 6th they were threatening to suspend or fire me. I dont get it, then they also want me to change my mind and stay. I have a lawyer looking at the 180 day outclause. on that other job I went to the WA DOH, and they did nothing, 2 yrs later im told im in an investigation for over Rx at that clinic, and I had to send my saved emails to them and say yes I told you about this 2 yrs ago. My pill bottle was years old and had been scooped up along with others. As far as I know that place is still open. You would be shocked when you do go through the right path. Im not asking for pitty, I just wanted a place where the people I spoke with understood the situation and might have been through something similar. I was behind on charts at the pain clinic bc the syncromed II pump was under recall and it involved doing those, and I had charts left to do the day that patient punched my nurse. ( fyi that place kept my last paycheck ) The woman who ran our med school and helped write the book '' PA a guide to clinical practice'' I called her and she said " get the F out now and call 911 if they try to stop you'', This was years ago, now I find myself in a bad spot. She has retired and does more travel work, and I just didn't have anyone who would understand. The way other providers might.
  21. is 700 charts behind and yes its still messed up and even if i quit today i still am obligated to finish the charts. I had this once before at a place that a patient punched my nurse in the face and threatened to return with a gun and kill me, and the MD would not fire him as a patient. So I quit, then I had to go back and work for free while i finished the charts, I cant afford to go. I guess I was hoping someone would tell me , does a legal threshold of days a system can be down before the company is negligent exist?
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