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  1. My practice does all-day interviews with all prospective providers that we don't already know. Doctors, PA's, NP, etc. We usually do lunch at a nice place, and finish with dinner at a nice place, spouses/partners included. But our recruiter will bend over backwards to accommodate the person being interviewed for dates and dietary needs. I agree with what others have said. Email them back with your needs, and see how they respond.
  2. smrtmom1

    Ortho Xray reads

    I am an ortho PA, and have been for almost 10 years. I have been reading Xrays and billing for those reads for the past 9 years. Out office radiology was just turned over to our hospital (we are a physician group owned by the hospital), and the head of their radiology department is saying PA's in Texas can't read or bill for reads of Xrays. I can not find that anywhere in the Texas Medical Board writings. Can anyone help me with sources to prove either side of this argument? TIA, Michele
  3. What is the pay situation like for the teaching positions?
  4. Texas is one of the worst states for taking forever with PA's and docs. I've seen them take 6 months to license a physician. Took me like 35 days when I graduated June '09.
  5. So does anyone have experience with hospital owned physician groups? I am in one, and they have a board of directors that each physician is required to serve on for at least a 2-year term. They have discussed adding an APP position, but have told me that the states laws prohibit that member being able to be a voting member of the board. They mentioned it was part of rule "503" of the medical code?? I have tried forever to find anything that refers to this. The only thing I can find is in reference to PA's being owners. But this is a zero ownership group. Thank you in aqdvance!
  6. smrtmom1


    Just wanted to post an update. I got my letter in December. I did not pass the CAQ. I was kind of shocked, but not entirely. My list of topics I missed was exactly as expected....tumors, spine and kids. My practice doesn't really see either of those. I thought I had studied enough of that to get me through, but guess not. I'm pretty upset only in the sense that I wish it had covered more general topics, less of those. Most general ortho practices do not see those types of patients, so I would have expected the general ortho test to only have a few questions. My test was MOSTLY those 3 topics.... I will keep studying, and try again this year. Anyone else not pass?
  7. Make sure you've joined PAOS as a student member. Put any shadowing you did or volunteering at sporting events. Include any kinesiology classes you might have taken in undergrad (or anything that looks/sounds like it). Did you do any extra work with a sports medicine club while in school? My PA program was partnered with the medical school, so we had a sports med club, and I was the PA rep....stuff like that. If you have your ATC or anything similar, put that on there. You might also put any surgical experience you had prior to school, or if you did any extra surgical elective rotations. Some ortho groups prefer someone with a stronger medical knowledge. So don't leave that stuff out. It makes you a more well-rounded PA. They know ortho. They can teach that all day. Sometimes they want someone with medical info they have long since forgotten....like reading EKG's and interpreting labs.
  8. I am a PA in Texas. We are the team docs for a DIv II university, a semi-pro football team, and tons of high schools. I made $85K my 1st year and worked my butt off for it. BUT....I got like 8 raises in 2 years and now, 4.5 yrs later I am well into the $140+ range. I started salary, and transitioned to hourly instead of bonuses. So I can work as hard or easy as I want. In Texas, you will make a pretty good living with LOW cost of living with your ATC background. Remember, $100K a year is NOT $100K in New York!! Here you live more like a $300K job up north. We don't have income tax, either..... BTW...we might be hiring...lol...but we are not Tech...thank God...lol
  9. My job is about 50% clinic, 30% OR, and 20% hospital (rounds, consults, etc). I work between 50 and 70 hours a week....
  10. I work in ortho and have since I graduated from PA school. I'm a female. When I finished I was 5'8' and 260lbs. I was not as strong as I should have been. I worked out regularly, figured out ways to do tests without killing myself. I work with the team doc for a Div II university, so I take care of some BIG guys. I've seen orthopods that are tiny and still do a great job. I've seen muscle heads that sucked. If you're smart, willing to work your as* off, you'll be fine. You have to find ways to work around your weaknesses. I can tell you this, the most demanding part of my job is the the hours, and volume of material to learn early on...not the physicality. In answer to the second question, hand/upper extremity and foot/ankle guys don't have any real "heavy lifting" to worry about.
  11. My doc showed me an AWESOME app...CORE. It has all the major joints, tests needed for that joint, then links to youtube videos that have been screened as accurate on how to do the tests and what the responses of those tests mean. It is not cheap. It's like $60+, but worth every penny if you aren't comfortable with your exam skills.
  12. Believe me, after 4 years of working my a** off for salary less than average....I plan to finally enjoy getting paid closer to what I work.
  13. As an alum of UNTHSC I wanted to wish you all best of luck! This really is one of the best PA programs in the country. I finished my program completely prepared to pass my PANCE and have not had any problems in my jobs since graduation. That being said...it is what you put in to it. But good luck to ALL!!
  14. smrtmom1


    Great! Thank you for your help!
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