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  1. Use morphine at my VA all the time for post op pain, prn. We supposedly have a dilaudid shortage. Bill Clark, PA-C Neurosurgery
  2. sks5966

    Example CCM Protocols?

    check out emcrit.org site and look for internet book of critical care posts. So far they have covered GI bleed, troponin testing in noncardiac critical illness and DKA. Excellent, concise treatment protocol. Chapters will be added on an ongoing basis. Emcrit.org is an excellent site overall with EM and ICU concentration. Bill
  3. sks5966


    I currently work at the Ann Arbor VA. Prior I was at the Philadelphia VA. I use(d) a Pennsylvania PA license at both places. I have a federal DEA but only work inpatient and do not write prescriptions.
  4. Repost because I am not sure it was in the right forum. Does any one have any experience working for Team Health in LTAC/SNF/Post acute care settings. Interested in hearing any information. Contact off line ok. Bill
  5. Does anybody have any experience working for Team Health in a LTAC/SNF/post acute care setting? Wondering about hours, working conditions, billings. Any information would be helpful. Thanks Bill
  6. sks5966

    Hippo practice exams

    I did about the same 70% on the hippo and just got my pass results this am. The questions are not well written and the answers sometime worse, glad it was my final panre.
  7. sks5966

    Critical care bedside ultrasound

    I was accepted to the ultrasound leadership academy and the tuition is from 2250 to 2667/month for 12 months. I work at the VA and they will not pay for CME. I had to decline due to the high cost. Bill
  8. sks5966

    Critical care bedside ultrasound

    Ultrasoundpodcast.com Sonosite.com sonoguide.com one minute ultrasound app Bedside ultrasound vol 1 and 2 available from the ultrasound pod cast guys You can sign up for ultrasound leadership academy if you have the money, got accepted but too much money for me and no work support. These are the good ones I've used, U will send me if I think of them. Bill Clark, PA-C
  9. sks5966

    New child abuse CME

    I work in Michigan but work for the VA and maintain Pennsylvania license. Bill
  10. sks5966

    New child abuse CME

    The new regulations state that 2 hours of CME for child abuse must be completed to renew license. It seems to me that the regs do not apply until the 2015 to 2016 cycle but when you go to renew one of the questions asks if you have completed the CME. Does anybody know if renewal now requires the CME? I am going to call the board on Monday. Anybody have any links to online approved CME for this topic? Thanks. Bill Clark, PA-C
  11. Has anybody used podcasts like EMCRIT and the Ultrasound podcast for their catergory 2 CME ? Bill Clark, PA-C
  12. sks5966

    NP's have won

    At the VA I am at the NPs are not allowed to do any invasive procedures. No central lines, Alines, thoracentesis, paracentesis, etc. It is due to their nursing management
  13. I may have to relocate from Philadelphia to Waltham or Worcester, MA areas. I asking to see if any body can provide me with average salary for hospital based PAs with 10 yrs experience in ICU. Thanks. Bill Clark

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